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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Chemistry Center: The Chemistry Center provides a positive space where students can interact with Chemistry course material in unique and meaningful ways. Student learning will be facilitated by interactions with Chemistry Center instructors and with peers, focusing on both cognitive and affective domains.

The Chemistry Center is located in Salem 207

The Chemistry Center will open on Sunday, January 22nd

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5-9 PM

*see Calendar for exact schedule

Center Services

The Chemistry Center instructors are both Chemistry graduate students and undergraduate students who are majoring in Chemistry. Instructors will provide assistance in learning chemical concepts, problem-solving strategies, and answer general questions. They will provide students with additional learning resources and limited help using digital homework platforms.

The Chemistry Center instructors WILL NOT answer problems from homework assignments, take-home exams, or any problem sets that will be graded. However, they can work on similar types of problems provided by the student.

Drop-in tutoring for LECTURE material will be available Sunday-Thursday from 5-9 PM for CHM 122, CHM 280, CHM 108 and CHM 223.

Supplemental Instruction will be available for certain lower-division course this Fall. Below are the Supplemental Instruction leaders for the following course sections:



CHM 122

Dr. A. King: Mary Finger (

Dr. A. Jones: Julia Freitas (

Dr. Comstock: Izzy Conde (

Dr. Hindo: Selina Guo (


CHM 280

Dr. Wren:  Lauren Robertson (

Dr. Rives: Kathy Kolodxiejski (

Dr. Harrison: Hannah Cornell ( )


Checking-In to the Chemistry Center

Please use the iPad kiosk to check-in and to check-out of the Chemistry Center. It’s fun and easy and you might just win a prize.


Congratulations to Dr. Welker’s Supplemental Instruction students (and Lee Mendenhall, SI Leader) for a narrow victory at the Organic Chemistry Trivia night, Spring 2016.

SI Trivia Night Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the CHM 111 ACS Final Trivia Night Fall 2016 from Dr. Rives course (Kathy Kolodziejski, SI Leader)


Congratulations to our 1000th visitor, Sienna Burris with a celebratory photo bomb from Will