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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Chemistry Center: The Chemistry Center provides a positive space where students can interact with Chemistry course material in unique and meaningful ways. Student learning will be facilitated by interactions with Chemistry Center instructors and with peers, focusing on both cognitive and affective domains.

The Chemistry Center is located Salem 207A and 207 (see calendar for details)


Center Services

The Chemistry Center instructors will provide assistance in learning chemical concepts, problem-solving strategies, and answer general questions. They will provide students with additional learning resources and help using SmartWork software platform.

The Chemistry Center instructors WILL NOT answer problems from SmartWork, take-home exams, and any problem sets that will be graded. However, they can work on similar types of problems provided by the student.

Drop-in tutoring for LECTURE material will be available Sunday-Thursday from 5-9 PM. Drop-in tutoring for LABORATORY material will be available during the day, Monday through Friday. Availability of tutoring for specific course for both lecture and laboratory material can be found on the center calendar.

Signing In to the Chemistry Center

Please use the iPad kiosk to check-in and to check-out of the Chemistry Center. It’s fun and easy!