Classroom Materials


Chemistry 111 General Chemistry

Dr. Angela King CHM111 Web Page

Chemistry 120 Physics and Chemistry of Environment

Dr. Dilip Kondepudi CHM120

Chemistry 122 & 122L  Organic Chemistry

Online Tutorials

Energy Diagrams

NMR Tutorial

1H NMR Interpretation Tutorials and Exercises.

13C NMR Interpretation Tutorials and Exercises.

NMR Video (Thinkpad, large) *

NMR Video for PPC *

 Chemistry 223 & 223L  Organic Chemistry

Basic Lab Skills Filtration
Melting Point
Column Chromatography
Special Equipment Rotorary Evaporator
Infrared Spectrometer
Gas Chromatograph
UV-VIS Spectrometer
Organic Glassware Photos
Organic Chemistry Lab

CHM 280L “Quantitative Analysis”

CHM280L On Sakai

Chemistry 341 & 341L Physical Chemistry

Dr. Dilip Kondepudi CHM341L

Chemistry 641

Dr. Dilip Kondepudi CHM641