Installing Wavefunction Spartan Student v6

Below are the download links to the Chemistry Department site license of Spartan Student v6.  Please download the appropriate version and install the software.  A WFU network connection and access to the license server is required to run the software.


Download the self-extracting installer, save it to your Desktop or Downloads folder and double click to install. If you are running anti-virus software, it may take several minutes for the complete executable to be scanned and initiate the installation. Detailed Instructions

To Repair Issues Associated with Software License

ThinkPad Issues


Clicking the link will begin download of a .dmg file. A disk image for Spartan Student will appear on your desktop once the download has completed.  Double click on this and drag the Spartan Student program to the provided Applications folder to install.

To Repair Issues Associated with Software License for Mac - Some users experience a problem with the licensing of Spartan.  If your install of Spartan prompts you for a activation code, follow the instructions below to repair the problem.

  1. From the Finder window, Click the Go menu.
  2. Click Connect to a Server.
  3. Type “smb://acad1/Chemistry/” in the text box and click the Connect button.
  4. Broswe to the “pub/MAC/Support folder” Double click the Sentinel Runtime.pkg file.  This will install the Sentinel driver software.
  5. Open a  web browser (Internet Explorer) and navigate to:   http://localhost:1947
  6. This opens the Admin Control Center.
  7. Click on the Configuration Link under Options.
  8. Go to the Access to Remote License Managers Tab.
  9. Place a check in the box to Allow Access to Remote Licenses.
  10. Click the check box next to Broadcast Search for Remote License to remove the check.
  11. Place a check in the box next to Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses.
  12. Under the Specify Search Parameters field, type , which is the IP address for our license server
  13. Click the Submit button