Organic Glassware


The following items can be found in your organic kits: (view entire kit)

West  Condenser (1)


A condenser is typically used to cool hot vapor, allowing the vapor to  condense as a liquid. A water hose is connected to the bottom of the condenser.   Water exits through a hose connected to the top of the condenser.  Note that the water flows through a sealed tube, and therefore, does NOT come  in direct contact with the vapor being condensed.

Claisen Adapter (1)


The Claisen adapter can be placed on top of a round bottom flask to convert   one opening into two. This is desirable if, for instance, you wish to add a   reagent slowly through an addition funnel (which requires one ground glass joint)   and cool hot vapors with a condenser (which requires another.)
Distillation   Adapter (1)

As the name implies, the distillation adapter is used during distillations.   As shown, the thermometer adapter connects at the top, a condenser connects   angled downward on the left, and a round bottom flask (simple distillation)   or a fractionating column (fractional distillation) connects to the bottom.
Distilling   Column (1)

We simply add ceramic “saddles” or stainless steel wire to a West Condenser to convert it into a fractionating column to be used in a fractional distillation. It is desirable for hot vapor to ascend slowly through the column. Therefore, the column is not cooled, and it is sometimes wrapped  with insulation.

Pennyhead   Stoppers (2)

Glass stoppers are typically used on round bottom flasks. All of the glassware in the kits have 19/22 standard taper ground glass joints. (The joints are 19 mm wide and 22 mm long.)
25 mL Round Bottom Flask (1)

50 mL Round Bottom Flask (1)

100 mL Round Bottom Flask (1)

250 mL Round   Bottom 2-Neck Flask (1)

 500 mL Round   Bottom Flask (1)

Separatory   Funnel with a teflon stopcock

Immisible liquids can be separated in a separatory funnel. Extractions are often carried out in a separatory funnel. The stopcock is opened to allow a layer to drain into an appropriate container. (To avoid a vacuum within the funnel, it should NOT be capped while you are draining.)
 Thermometer  Adapter (1)

Vacuum   adapter (1)

What does the marking on the ground glass joint mean?
 19/22 Joints follow a Standard Taper and are 19 mm wide by 22 mm high.

Organic Equipment   Check-in sheet (copies provided on check-in and check-out days)