Angela G. King

Angela G. King

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Angela King

Associate Teaching Professor

B.A., 1990, University of Pennsylvania.
MS., 1992, Cornell University
Ph.D., 1995 Cornell University
NIH Predoctoral Fellow, Cornell University, 1992-1995

Office: Salem 206
Phone: (336) 758-5511
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Research Description

Description of Research
My interests lie in the area of chemical education. At the college level, I am currently developing a new experimental sequence for second semester organic labs.  I am also interested in increasing the conceptual understanding and performance in general and organic chemistry, as well as introducing the excitement and relevancy of chemistry to non-science majors. Currently technological avenues and peer-instruction are being explored to improve learning and interest.



Book Chapters:

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Journal Articles:

King, A. G., “Research Advances” a monthly column  in the Journal of Chemical Education highlighting recent breakthroughs  in research fields related to chemistry deigned to get research accomplishments  incorporated into teaching classrooms at the undergraduate and high school  level.  2004-present.

King, A.G., Wright, M., and Rudolph, W.  (2007) Diesel Meets the Soybean: “Greasing” the Wheels of Chemical  Education.  Journal of Chemical Education  84:  202-206.
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SENCER Model for Teaching Scientific Literacy,  awarded to a developed non-science majors chemistry course, Everyday  Chemistry, by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2000

DuPont Teaching Award, Cornell University, 1991