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WFU Biology Department The Department of Biology at Wake Forest comprises a diverse and interactive group of scientists and students whose work spans the entire breadth of Biology.

WFU Center For Structural Biology  The Center for Structural Biology at Wake Forest University (WFU) is an Interdisciplinary Organization which combines research and educational resources from WFU Health Sciences and WFU School of Medicine, the WFU Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and the Undergraduate School of Arts & Sciences.

WFU Physics Department

WFU Structural and Computational Biophysics The Track in Structural and Computational Biophysics offers students the opportunity to obtain advanced degrees (Ph.D. and M.S.) through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in a traditional discipline (Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Computer Science) while receiving broad training in the interdisciplinary field of Structural and Computational Biophysics.