Requirements for Graduating with Honors in Chemistry

(Last updated: Feb. 10, 2014)


  1. Students must have a 3.30 GPA in chemistry and a 3.00 GPA overall.
  2. A written thesis must be submitted.
  3. The thesis will be read by the advisor and two other faculty members. This group will constitute the student’s committee and will be appointed as early as possible but no later than the beginning of the student’s final semester.
  4. The thesis must be presented to the department and defended. After a successful defense, the committee will sign the thesis.
  5. The student will have three bound copies of the thesis made- one for the department, one for the advisor, and one for her/himself.
  6. Students may carry out their honors work outside the department only if a departmental faculty member is intimately involved and serves as the student’s advisor. The committee may include the outside advisor, but must include another faculty member in the Department of Chemistry.


(i) Students should indicate their intention to carry out honors work with their current or potential research advisors as early as possible. They should then inform the Honors Coordinator of the tentative title of the research project, the names of committee members, and the name of the advisor. The Honors Coordinator will keep records of Honors Students and will schedule their defense times. Honors work can be started as late as two semesters before graduation but cannot be started in the last semester before graduation.

(ii) The defense will be scheduled for the annual Honors Symposium held in the Spring. The date will be announced early each spring semester.

(iii) The thesis must be submitted to the advisor one week before it can be presented to the full committee. The committee must then have an additional week to read the thesis before the defense. Students may not present their defense during the final exam period, or the period before commencement.