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Chemistry Course Selection Information for Incoming Freshmen or Transfer Students:

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Students can begin their study of Chemistry at Wake Forest at any one of various different entry points:

1. Students who earn a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement exam (or a 6 or 7 on the IB exam) will be awarded credit for: CHM 111 (3 hr), CHM 111L (1 hr), and CHM 280 (3 hr), and are invited to register (by POI) in CHM 123/123L Honors Organic Chemistry I & Lab, which is for new students only, and is offered ONLY in the fall. Incoming students interested in and eligible for this class should have already received an invitation from the Chemistry Department, but if not, they should contact Dr. Mark Welker (welker@wfu.edu, x5758). Alternatively, these students may choose to take CHM 122/122L ‘regular’ Organic Chemistry I & Lab, but this is offered only in the spring semester.

2. Students with limited preparation and/or no AP or IB credit in Chemistry, and who are considering a possible science major or minor, and/or are interested in the health professions, should register for CHM111/111L College Chemistry I & Lab. Please note: this course is offered ONLY in the fall semester and is a pre-requisite for all subsequent chemistry courses.

3.  Students who studied AP or IB-level chemistry but did not receive credit on their WFU transcript, or who otherwise feel they have a very strong chemistry background, are encouraged to begin their study of chemistry at Wake in CHM 111/111L. At the first lecture class meeting, students will be given the opportunity to sign-up for the American Chemistry Society general chemistry exemption exam. A high score on this exam will result in credit for CHM 111/CHM 111L and will provide the student with the option of transferring to CHM 123/123L.

4.  Students who are not considering a possible science major or minor but are interested in studying chemistry to fulfill a Division V requirement may choose to take CHM 108/108L Everyday Chemistry & Lab (offered ONLY in the spring). Another Division V option is CHM 120/120L Physics & Chemistry of the Environment & Lab (offered ONLY in the spring), which is also a requirement for the Environmental Science minor.


For more information about any of these options, or about the Chemistry Department in general, please contact the department chair, Prof.  Welker ( 758-5758, welker@wfu.edu ).