Summer Trail of Tears course

The Trail of Tears was the forced migration of American Indian nations in the Southeast to lands west of the Mississippi River during the mid-19th century. Students in this Summer Session I course will come to understand the history and cultural impact of this period in American history through an immersive field program that draws on anthropology, history, and religious studies. In addition to typical in-class activities, Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus and Dr. Andrew Gurstelle will lead students on a 10-day excursion to Oklahoma that traces the modern roads atop the historical Northern Land Route taken by members of the Cherokee Nation. Along the way, students will meet with the local stakeholders that continue to memorialize the Trail of Tears with storytelling, monuments, and commemorative ceremonies. Students will also learn about current efforts to raise public consciousness of the Trail of Tears, and will even make their own contributions to these efforts. For more information, including information about scholarship support, please contact Dr. Wiethaus (, x7169) or Dr. Gurstelle (, x5827). When registering, students may choose to sign up for any of the following: REL 288, REL 390, REL 690, or ANT 385. 2018 Trail of Tears Project Flyer