Graduate Students

Stephanie Arismendy

First Year
Florida International University, BA Communication Arts
Organizational Communication, Conflict Management, Crisis Communication & Journalism

Menghan Yang

First Year
Shandong University, BA English
Rhetorical Theory & Criticism, Intercultural Communication, Photography

Ray Celeste Tanner

First Year
University of Mary Washington, BA Communication
Higher Education, Gender and Communication, Organizational Communication

Kaitlyn Ruhf

First Year
Wake Forest University, BA English
Rhetorical Theory, Marketing and Brand Language, Technology and Language, Healthcare Communications.

Chloe Pearson

First Year
Western Washington University, BA Communication Studies
Rhetoric, Religion, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and Social Movements

Amber Monroe

First Year
University of North Carolina-Charlotte, BA English
African American Rhetoric, Media Effects, and Communication and Culture

Chris Miller

First Year
University of Central Oklahoma, BA Communication
Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Negotiation

Jake Mihelich

First Year
Linfield College, BA Communication Arts
Film and Media, Persuasion, Political Communication

Marti Mattox

First Year
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, BA Anthropology
Marketing, Healthcare Communication, Nonprofit Campaigns, Political Communication

Jack Manchester

First Year
Wake Forest University, BA English and Political Science
Debate, Rhetorical Criticism, Argumentation, Communication and Technology

Caitlin Kirby

First Year
University of Wisconsin-Madison, BA English and Communication Arts
Rhetorical Criticism, Science Fiction, Technology Integration, Pop Culture, Sports (Olympics)

Marquis Jones

First Year
Elizabeth City State University, BA Communication Studies
Sports Communication, Public Speaking, Mass Media

Pablo Gannon

First Year
Michigan State University, BA Psychology
Immigration, National Identity, Race and Ethnicity

Natalie Bennie

First Year
Samford University, BA Communication Studies
Rhetorical Theory, Public Memory, Memorial Rhetoric, Debate

Christopher Aragon

Second Year
Wake Forest University BA Communication and Spanish
Identity construction, LGBTQ issues, queer rhetoric, Latinx studies

Kristina Kokkonos

Second Year
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, BA Journalism and Communication
Journalism, music and popular culture, feminist media criticism

Khalil Lee

Second Year
University of Vermont, BA History and Chinese Language
Debate, political rhetoric, political campaigns

Richard Min

University of Vermont, BA History and Chinese Language
Debate, political rhetoric, political campaigns

Lauren Peters

Second Year
University of Iowa, BA Journalism and Communication
Gender communication, computer-mediated communication, power and gender

Kory Riemensperger

Second Year
Wake Forest University, BA Communication and English
Persuasion, rhetorical theory, American political movements

Lucas Rossetti

Second Year
SUNY-Oneonta, BS Communication Arts and Psychology
Interpersonal communication, attribution theory, religiosity

Callie Sartain

Second Year
Mercer University, BA Communication and Spanish
Social justice, rhetorical studies, critical theory, cultural studies

Jamie Stewart

Second Year
East Tennessee State University, BA Communication Arts
Interpersonal communication, romantic relationships, health communication

Tyiste Taylor

Second Year
Wake Forest University, BA Communication
Digital Marketing, Digital Communication, Organization Communication

Kevin Whitley

Second Year
Towson University, BA International Development and Policy
Rhetorical studies, syntactic studies, international communication, social justice

Andrew Wirth

Second Year
Wayne State University BA Communication

Luxiaohe Zhang

Second Year
University of Iowa BA Communication and International Relations
Non-verbal communication, cross-cultural communication, power relations

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