Dr. Donna Henderson

Donna Henderson Fall 2012Dr. Donna Henderson
Department Chair, Program Director, and Professor

Dr. Henderson on collaboration among teachers and students. (MP3 download)

Email Address:


Mailing Address:

Department of Counseling, Box 7406, WFU, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

Faculty member at Wake Forest University since August 1996


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Masters of Arts in Teaching, James Madison University
Bachelor of Arts, Meredith College
Associate of Arts, Peace College

Research and Special Interests:

Counseling children, school counseling, counselor training, international issues in counseling and mental health facilitation project.

Awards (selected):

  • Outstanding Alumnus Award – University of Tennessee, 2008
  • Professional Development Award – ACA, 2008
  • Counselor Education Advocacy Award – ACA, 2008
  • Fellow – ACA, 2010


Professional Service (selected):

President, President-elect, Past president, (2007-2010), Chi Sigma Iota
Member Governing Council, (2001-2004), American Counseling Association
President-elect, President, Past-president, (2003-2005) Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
President-elect, President, Past president, (2000-2003), North Carolina Counseling Association

Counseling Experience:

Teacher & Counselor – Page County Public Schools,
My teaching assignments were ninth, tenth, and twelfth grade English classes.  I worked half time in the guidance office and taught half time.  Also I was faculty advisor for the yearbook and the newspaper and worked on a curriculum development committee.  I also worked closely with the career development specialist during the school year and worked as a counselor in a summer program for disadvantaged youth.

Professional Licensure and Memberships (selected):

  • Human Services: Board Certified Practitioner
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • School Counselor, State of North Carolina
  • Licensed Professional Counselor North Carolina
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor
  • American Counseling Association
  • North Carolina Counseling Association
  • Southern Association for Counselor Education Supervision

Recent publications (selected):

  • Henderson, Donna A., & Charles L. Thompson. (Counseling). Counseling Children, 9th ed. Brooks Cole. August 2015, reported April 2016.
  • Henderson, D.A. (2012). The creative arts in counseling. In M.B. Scholl, A.S. McGowan, & J.t. Hansen (Eds.) Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling Issues (pp. 63-84). New York: Routledge.
  • Schweiger, W., Henderson, D.A.,McCaskill, K., Clawson, T. & Collins, D.R. (2012).Counselor Preparation, (13th Ed.). Washington, DC: Routledge/Taylor & Francis.
  • Henderson, D.A., & Thompson, C. L. (2011). Counseling Children, (8th Ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.
  • Henderson, D.A. (2008). Mental health facilitator. Greensboro, NC: National Board for Certified Counselors-International.
  • Cobia, D. & Henderson, D. A. (2007).  Developing an effective and accountable school counseling program (2nd Ed). Columbus, OH:Prentice-Hall.
  • Henderson, D.A. (2007). School counseling.  In R. Cottone & V.M. Tarvydas (Eds.) Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling, (3rd Ed.)  (pp. 241-267).  Columbus, OH: Prentice Hall.

Recent presentations (selected):

  • Henderson, D.A. (with others). (October 2011). MHF. Nashville, TN: ACES Conference.
  • Henderson, D.A. (with Scott Hinkle). (August 2010). Mental health facilitation training. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia: Professionals in Malaysia.
  • Henderson, D.A. (with others). (March 2010). Career connection. Pittsburgh, PA: ACA Conference.
  • Henderson, D.A. (October 2009). Mental health facilitation training. Thimphu, Bhutan: NBCC-I.
  • Henderson, D.A. (April 2009). Excellence: The Power of Living Well. Atlanta, GA: Georgia State University CSI Initiation.
  • Henderson, D.A. (March 2009). Excellence: The Power of Living Well. College Park, MD: University of Maryland CSI Initiation.
  • Henderson, D.A. (April 2008). What do we know about safe schools. Invited presenter for International Congress of Counseling. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Henderson, D.A. (with Sam Gladding). (March 2008). Keeping the boundaries from bending or breaking in counselor education. Honolulu, Hawaii: American Counseling Association.
  • Henderson, D.A. (October 16, 2008). International Counseling Initiatives. Durham, NC: Licensed Professional Counselors of North Carolina Conference.
  • Henderson, D.A. (with Laura Veach and Debbie Newsome), (October 24, 2008). Lessons Learned. Houston, TX: Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.


My special interests are reading, gardening, caring for my dogs, and enjoying my family.


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