MDiv./M.A. Requirements

Students in the dual degree program spend the first two years of the four year program enrolled in graduate courses in the School of Divinity. Students spend the second two years of the joint program satisfying requirements for the Master of Arts in Counseling.

During the first two years, students complete on average 51-54 semester hours of core courses, area electives and general electives. The two-semester internship required during the second year of the MDiv curriculum is deferred until the second year of the counseling program. Dual degree students are required to complete through an ACPE accredited program a basic unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Students generally meet the CPE requirement in a summer session during their first two years of the program. Guidelines for applying CPE credit toward the degree can be obtained through the Office of the Academic Dean.

As part of the dual degree program, students are required to complete a series of one-hour capstone courses that emphasize intersections between theology and counseling. Dual degree students are expected to complete these courses beginning in their third year of the four year program. The capstone courses are offered through the School of Divinity.

Upon successful completion of the dual degree requirements, students receive both the Masters of Divinity and the Masters of Arts in Counseling degrees.

A list of course requirements for the dual degree follows.

Course Requirements for Dual-Degree M Div/MA Program

School of Divinity Requirements: 54 hours

Biblical Studies (BIB): 15 hours
521. Old Testament Interpretation I. (3h)
522. Old Testament Interpretation II. (3h)
541. New Testament Interpretation I. (3h)
542. New Testament Interpretation II. (3h)
AND one area elective course in Old or New Testament (3h)

Historical (HIS) and Theological (THS) Studies: 18 hours
HIS 501. History of Christianity I. (3h)
HIS 502. History of Christianity II. (3h)
World Religions requirement (3h): Satisfied by approved courses offered each semester in Divinity and/or the Department of Religion
THS 501. Foundations of Christian Theology (3h)
Ethics requirement (3h): Choose either THS 521 Foundations of Christian Ethics or THS 522 History of Theological Ethics
AND one area elective course in Theology (3h)

Ministerial Studies (MIN): 18 hours 
501A. Art of Ministry IA: Theological Imagination/An Integrative Approach. (2h)
551. Homiletics and Worship. (3h)
Spirituality Requirement (1h): Satisfied by approved courses offered each semester in Divinity
631. The Ministry of Pastoral Care. (3h)
Capstone Requirement (3h):
MIN 710 Topics in the Psychology of Religion
MIN 711 Topics in Faith Development
MIN 712 Topics in Pastoral Care and Counseling
Clinical Pastoral Education: 6 hours

ELECTIVES: 3 hours
Students in the dual degree program are required to take at least one 3h Divinity elective.

Master of Arts in Counseling Requirements (60 hours)

Counseling (CNS) Core Courses: 42 hours
721. Research and Statistical Analysis in Counseling. (3h)
736. Appraisal Procedures for Counselors. (3h)
737. Basic Counseling Skills and Techniques. (3h)
739. Advanced Counseling Skills and Crisis Management. (3h)
740. Professional Orientation to Counseling. (3h)
741. Theories and Models of Counseling. (3h)
742. Group Procedures in Counseling. (3h)
743. Career Development and Counseling. (3h)
747. Cultures and Counseling. (3h)
748. Life Span Development: Implications for Counseling. (3h)
750. Addiction Counseling. (3h)
773. Family Counseling. (3h)
780. Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Counseling. (2h)
786. Consultation and Program Planning. (2h)
790. Professional Identity Capstone Course (2h)

Clinical Courses: 9 hours
738. Counseling Practicum. (3h)
744/MIN 601A. Counseling Internship I. (3h)
745/MIN 601B. Counseling Internship II. (3h)

Program Specialty Courses: 9 hours
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Specialty Courses
771. Clinical Mental Health Counseling. (3h)
770. Classification of Mental and Emotional Disorders. (3h)
762. Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. (3h)

OR School Counseling Specialty Courses
746. Counseling Children. (3h)
749. School Guidance and Counseling. (3h)
760. Issues in School Counseling. (3h)


TOTAL COMBINED HOURS Both Degree Programs: 114 hours


For more information on the Counseling Program Courses, please visit the Counseling Graduate Program Page.