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The inaugural Collaborative Research Project (CRP) in mathematics took place in March 2015. The event features teams of up to 4 undergraduates at a handful of colleges and universities in the United States; unlike some competitions, all teams are collaborating with each other on a mathematics research problem, from the realm of Tropical Geometry; see the Tropical page.

The CRP Problem Team is compiling all submissions into a research article, which we will submit for publication. (This is proving to be a longer task than anticipated; we intend to finish the article in the 2015 summer.)

2015 CRP Team Listing

A total of 27 teams representing 22 schools participated in the 2015 CRP. A listing of all 2015 CRP participants has been added.

2015 CRP Recognition Levels

The results are in! The 2015 CRP was a terrific success! We received wonderful submissions from many different teams. The 2015 CRP Recognitions are announced, along with some statistics on the event, here.

2016 CRP

The second CRP is scheduled for March 2016. We view it as a ‘beta-test’ of this massively parallel concept for undergraduate research. Any interested students or faculty are invited to contact the organizers to participate.

CRP Collaboration Wiki

CRP is using a Wiki as our main method of collaboration.  As you make progress on the project, post about your efforts and results on the Wiki.  Each participant has an account on the Wiki, including the faculty advisors and the CRP organizers; you should receive an email with your password.  Your first task should be to edit your “Talk” page on a Wiki and include a few details about yourself, maybe upload a photo or two.


Contact the organizers at crp.mathematics AT gmail DOT com.