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The Department of Computer Science at Wake Forest University is home to computer science BS, BA, MS, and minor programs, all of which prepare students for excellent employment opportunities or for entering our own or other prestigious graduate programs. The undergraduate degree options provide students the flexibility to study in other departments, resulting in an excellent computational background coupled with expertise in a content area. Computer Science classes in the major are small with the learning experience led by a highly-qualified and passionate faculty who enjoys student engagement in and out of the classroom. We pride ourselves on the opportunities provided to our students for meaningful participation in leading-edge research on a broad range of contemporary topics. Projects in network and computer security, digital media, advanced imaging, machine learning, and computational biology are among those that benefit from student involvement. Opportunities for internships and summer research are numerous. Student projects have resulted in developing and deploying mobile apps for a wide range of including assistive and rehabilitative therapy, real-time vehicle tracking, and geotrekking.

Employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields are available, and placement rates for our graduates in the workforce or graduate programs are consistently outstanding. Please continue to explore our web site and check out our social media sites listed above.

Students considering a major in Computer Science should review the information about our undergraduate programs. For further information or to schedule a visit, contact the department’s Administrative Assistant.