About The Computer Science Department

The Department of Computer Science at Wake Forest University is home to computer science BS, BA, MS, and minor programs. The department has eleven full-time faculty members and approximately 120 majors (juniors and seniors) and eleven graduate students.

Dr. Ballard and Dr. Santago talk with prospective students.

The Department prides itself on engaging undergraduate and graduate students in and out of the classroom, providing opportunities for students to work closely with faculty members in their scholarship and research. Existing programs in the Department are in the areas of network security, digital sound and music, computing for persons with disabilities, imaging, mobile computing, computational mathematics, computational biophysics, bioinformatics, HPC education, databases/big data, and GPU computing. These areas represent not only research in the Department, but also interdisciplinary collaboration in and out of the sciences in other departments. Undergraduate students routinely engage our faculty in these research areas, and the students often receive summer research fellowships from the University for full-time summer research work.