Programming Team

Each year during the Fall semester, the Computer Science Department sponsors teams to compete a national programming competition. Students work together in teams of three to solve a set of challenging programming problems in a fixed time period. The winner of the competition is chosen based on the number of problems solved and the time to solve the problems. The Department holds team practices each week during the Fall semester as well as during the Spring provided there is enough interest. In the practices, students are introduced to algorithms applicable to common types of problems, approaches for ensuring scalability of their solutions, and nuances of the programming languages they will use. Students can receive 1 hour of credit per semester if they actively participate in the practices and competition.

Students of any skill level beyond the first introductory CS course are invited to participate. An information session is advertised early in the Fall semester, with practice meetings starting soon thereafter. Students interested in learning more about the competition should get in contact with the coach, Professor Todd Torgersen (