What is Quivia you ask?  Its Quiz Bowl and Trivia combined!  A chance to win prizes, enjoy food, have fun and just chill out!  Each winning team member will receive a prize!

Each of the faculty provide questions that come straight from ALL the classes taught this year.  This means, there will be questions from ALL LEVELS of CS including the 111 classes!   Also, inserted are some basic CS trivia such as “Who invented the World Wide Web”?  Lastly, inserted are trivia questions about the faculty such as “Which CS prof has a Masters degree in French”?

How does it work?  There are 3 rounds of approximately 10 questions each.  Points are awarded on the degree of difficulty of each question.  The team with the most total points at the end is the winner.  (In the event of a tie, we have a tie-breaker round.)  There are plenty of questions that 111 & 112 students will be able to answer.  Faculty will be on hand to judge the answers.

Teams are made up of 3 players.  The following make-up of the teams is suggested.

  • either a freshman/sophomore
  •  either a junior/senior
  •  grad student

A team may be made up of 2 of the same class undergrads, but NOT 3 of the same class undergrads.  A team may only have 1, that’s ONE graduate student.