Communication lower bounds for loop nests

Computer Science Presentation Dr. Nicholas Knight, CIMS New York University Communication lower bounds for loop nests Abstract: Communication (data movement) often dominates runtime and energy costs. We consider the problem of reorganizing loop nests to minimize communication. For loop nests that access array variables subscripted by linear functions of the loop iteration vector, the algebraic relationship between variables and operations leads to communication […]

MS Thesis Defenses

MS Thesis Defenses. Please attend and show your support! Tuesday April 25, 10am-12pm, Manchester 124 Melisa Carranza Zuniga “Dynamic Parallelism in GPU Optimized Barnes Hut Trees for Molecular Dynamics Simulations.” Advisor: Sam Cho Tuesday April 25, 5-7pm, Manchester 24 Sebastian Ramirez “Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Identify Problematic Parameter Settings in Software Configurations” Advisor: Errin Fulp […]

CS students receive summer research grants

Koby Hayashi will be working to compute constrained low-rank approximations of large-multidimensional fMRI brain scan data-sets. In particular, he will be optimizing and applying the Coupled Matrix Tensor Factorization (CMTF) algorithm. This work is with Professor Ballard and Dr. Michael Tobia. Funding Source: National Science Foundation. Bel LaPointe and Edward Zhao: The Graduate School of […]

5th Annual CS Quivia Challenge!

Mark your calendar for 6:30 pm on 4/26/17 in Manchester 016 and plan to attend the 5th Annual CS Quivia Challenge!  What is Quivia you ask?  Its Quiz Bowl and Trivia combined!  And what is the 5th Annual CS Quivia Challenge?  A chance to win prizes, enjoy food, have fun and just chill out!  Each […]

Wake Hacks Zero

The WFU Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) is very happy to announce Wake Hacks Zero, the first hackathon at WFU. This hackathon is a precursor to the eventual first invitational Wake Hacks coming hopefully in Spring 2018. However, Wake Hacks Zero is no small feat in and of itself. It will be epic. We very much […]

Software Development: More Than Just Programming

 Software Development: More Than Just Programming Dr. Don Gotterbarn Director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute Thursday, March 30 at 5:00 Manchester Hall 016 Reception talk before: 017 – 4:30 Abstract: We are often surprised by the number of non-programming related issues that affect the professional’s efforts to develop quality software and web interfaces. Development […]

It’s Not All Drum Circles and Kumbaya: How Free and Open Source Software Really Works

It’s Not All Drum Circles and Kumbaya: How Free and Open Source Software Really Works Professor Megan Squire Department of Computing Sciences Elon University Monday, March 20 4-5pm  (Reception 3:30-4pm) Manchester Hall 241 For software engineering researchers, the free, libre, and open source software (FLOSS) phenomenon has been a wild ride. This talk will trace […]

Thesis Defense: Riana Freedman

MS Thesis Defense Riana Freedman A Comparative Assessment of Methodologies for Solving Problems of Nonlinear Optimization in the Business Sector Friday, February 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Manchester 241 Abstract: Business professionals are seeking a solution to the problem of nonlinear optimization to maximize product value for the most respondents to a product survey. A […]

Angela Harper named Churchill Scholar

Wake Forest senior Angela Harper (Major:  physics, Minors:  computer science and mathematics) has been named one of 15 Churchill Scholars who will study at the University of Cambridge for the academic year 2017-18. She is the first Wake Forest student to receive this highly selective award. “I am incredibly honored to represent both Wake Forest as […]

Gender Diversity in STEM

Melisa Carranza Zuniga, who is completing her master’s thesis on high-performance computing focusing on molecular simulation, said she has watched girls begin computer science degrees and then switch majors time and again. “Having a mentor there to tell you that you can do it would be really helpful,” she said. Why has she persisted? She […]