Optimizing the WAFL File System for Many Core Scalability

Colloquium on Monday, March 26, 2018 Matthew Curtis-Maury,  Senior Engineer, NetApp “Optimizing the WAFL File System for Many Core Scalability” Abstract: WAFL is a high-performance, enterprise file system running on over 250,000 customer systems. With increasing core counts on high-end storage servers, WAFL must continue to scale performance in order to remain competitive. This presentation gives […]

OpenCat by Rongzhong Li featured in IEEE Spectrum

Are you a cat person and a robot person? Good news, meet OpenCat! You may have seen Boston Dynamic Dogs and the recently released Sony Aibo. They are supper cool but are too expensive to enjoy. I hope to provide some affordable alternatives that have most of their motion capabilities. I’m not saying I can reproduce the precise […]

“Hidden Figures” Author to speak in Wait Chapel

Project Wake presents Margot Lee Shetterly, who will speak at 7 p.m. in Wait Chapel on February 5. Shetterly is the author of 2016 New York Times bestseller “Hidden Figures,” the true story of black women mathematicians who endured the injustice and indignities of segregation and gender inequality to help America win the space race. […]

Examples of Curricular Innovations in Engineering

Computer Science Presentation Olga Pierrakos Founding Chair and Professor Department of Engineering Wake Forest University Examples of Curricular Innovations in Engineering: Bridging Theory and Adaptive Pedagogy to Drive Learning and Inclusion National conversations around the quality of undergraduate education describe a lack of student engagement in the classroom, non-inclusive environments to support a diverse set […]

Sajant Anand receives UPE/ACM Scholarship Award

Sajant Anand has been named one of the recipients of the UPE/ACM Scholarship Award. About the award: UPE and the ACM wish to encourage academic excellence for students in the computing and information disciplines. UPE initiated this award with ACM in order to raise the importance of academic achievement and professional commitment to ACM student […]

CSC Colloquium: Monday, November 27, 4pm

  On Monday, November 27, Professor Diego Burgos, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Spanish and Italian, Wake Forest University, will present: From Words to Feelings: A Journey to Opinion Mining Have you ever ended up feeling supportive or opposing of public figures or policies after reading the news? Such scenario of persuasiveness is not […]

Deacon Profile: Smiti Kaul

Junior Smiti Kaul, a double major in computer science and mathematics, recieved the Grace Hopper Conference scholarship and attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in early October. This conference is the largest gathering of women technologists, with over 18,000 attendees from over 85 countries and across all disciplines and careers. When did […]

Introduction to AWS Lambda

  The local Python user’s group meets here each month.  The talk next week (6pm, Tuesday, 10/24) may be of broad interest. Main Talk: ” Introduction to AWS Lambda” by Andres Silva Abstract: AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for you, making it […]