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Ben Walsh BS 2014

I am pursuing a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, on pace to graduate this December. I am taking the coursework option which is 3 semesters, during which I focus on one technical interest area within the ECE department as well as one minor area outside of it. My minor focus area is mechanical engineering, and my technical interest area is Electronic Design and Applications (EDA). EDA is on the electrical engineering side; more descriptively it is analog electronics design. Some of my core courses include analog integrated circuit design, analog integrated system design, and wireless integrated circuit design. I am also taking a course in advanced VLSI design (very large scale integration), which is in the digital circuits realm. My main completed project that stands out was the transistor-level design of a system-on-chip implantable eye pressure sensor. This was a semester-long group project in which we planned, designed, and fully simulated our proposed chip. We also did physical layout for the on-chip data converter. Current projects include designing a high-speed pipelined digital adder system which consists of SRAM memory, interconnect circuitry, and the adder itself. For another project this semester I will be designing a direct down-converter receiver for use in wireless applications. This past summer I had a job at Sandia National Laboratories in California as an electronics engineering intern. I was working with a team that builds electronics for data acquisition during missile test flights. I am currently looking for a full-time job in the semiconductor industry, ideally doing analog circuit design.

Lesley Gustafson  BS  2012


After graduating, Lesley moved to Washington, DC to work for Accenture Federal Services as an analyst in their Technology Consulting practice. At Accenture, she learned the increasingly popular IT Service Management platform ServiceNow, and completed several projects implementing the tool for various federal agencies. After a few years in DC, she quit her job and backpacked Europe for two months and then moved out to Seattle. There, she started her new job as a Solutions Consultant at AIM Consulting, again working with ServiceNow and perhaps moving into mobile application development as well.

Anqi Zou BS 2012Anqi Zou

I am currently finishing up my Master’s studies at Georgia Tech and considering to start a career in business intelligence/analytics where I can use my data analysis & visualization skills to help the decision-making process.  My study at Georgia Tech has definitely been an eye-openning experience, and I would love to see more students from liberal arts schools getting involved in this upcoming field.

Richard T. Guy MS 2010

After finishing my M.A. in Mathematics, I stayed at Wake Forest for one more year to get a M.S. in Computer Science. Now, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto in the Department of Computer Science. I am studying vision-based human computer interfaces.

October, 2011

Dan Applegate BS 2009

After a 9-month apprenticeship as an actor at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville in Kentucky, I moved to New York in May of 2010. In January of 2011, I began working as a developer at a New York-based digital agency called Rokkan, where I built highly interactive websites and Facebook applications for clients such as Chipotle, Ford, and Kraft Foods. In June of 2012, I was hired to join the team at Skillshare, an education startup that seeks to empower creatives around the world by giving them a platform to teach others. In November, 2012, I led a team that submitted an entry to the Github Game Off, in which we won an honorable mention for our game Genetic Drift ( Recently at Skillshare, I was promoted to Lead Infrastructure Engineer, where I am tasked with managing our servers and developing automated tools to help us scale efficiently. I currently reside in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of beautiful Brooklyn.

November, 2015

Patrick Kruse BS May 2008

After graduating from Wake with a BS in Computer Science, I moved to San Francisco and joined KPMG’s IT Advisory practice, specifically within the Information Risk Management group. Most of my time with this group was spent performing IT general control assessments in support of external financial statement audit teams. After 8 months, I transitioned into a role within KPMG’s Software Contract Compliance team based in Mountain View, California, where I helped conduct software compliance audits on behalf of enterprise software vendors. After about a year and a half with KPMG, I left to join Accenture’s Security Strategy and Risk Management practice and have been based out of the San Francisco office since. My projects thus far have surrounded data protection and privacy-oriented work for pharmaceutical companies.

November, 2010

Grey Ballard BS May 2006

As of September 2007, Grey is finishing his second year pursuing a Master’s degree in mathematics, doing a thesis with Dr. Baxley.  He’s considering going on to get a Master’s degree in computer science as well.  Grey is also coaching two youth soccer teams in the local club. Grey was the Archie Award winner in the 2006 graduating class at Wake Forest.

June, 2010

David Desiderio BS 2006

Since graduating, David moved back home to New Jersey where he job-hunted for a month and a half until he landed an internship with Accenture Technology Solutions. ATS is a subsidiary of Accenture, a global consulting and outsourcing firm. The internship was a training course in Java development focusing on the Software Development Lifecycle. The internship lasted about a month. During that month, the interns were evaluated on their knowledge of development via tests and coding assignments as well as a group project in which the Java backend of a website was to be coded, implemented, and tested using existing JSP pages and the Struts framework. Afterwards, David was notified along with others in the class that they were offered full-time positions within ATS. Based out of Florham Park, New Jersey, David works for clients relatively close to the main office. As of September 2007, David has worked with three clients so far since joining ATS. He was first with Johnson and Johnson doing manual application testing for a web project. Then he was placed at Medidata, a company that provides medical data storage/reporting solutions, where he oversaw the Quality Control process for newly developed and tested applications. Now with Bristol-Meyers Squibb, David is one of three Test Leads for their outsourced testing service, where he coordinates the testing effort with both the offshore testing team in Bangalore, India as well as with BMS project managers. After a year with ATS, David has since been promoted from the position of Programmer to Senior Programmer. When not at work, he can be found playing the drums, guitar, bass guitar or electric violin (which he’s still in the process of learning), but mostly bass guitar for an as-yet-unnamed band. They’re looking for gigs if anyone’s interested!

June, 2010

Nick Dunkman BS May 2006

Immediately after graduation, Nick moved to Charleston, SC, to work as a software engineer.  He developed a desktop application in .NET, which made fundraising easier for non-profit organizations.  It was an OK experience, but he felt like he wasn’t following his dream.  So he quit his job and moved to New York City, which he considered “the center of the universe” for small internet companies.  Fortunately, he landed a job immediately with as a web developer, and he absolutely loves it.  The small company environment was perfect for him.  Nick made a lot of friends and felt that he was making a big impact.  Recently (September 2007),  he started his own company on the side, to take on a variety of smaller web projects that he works on in his free time, among them a facebook application for VH1.

June, 2010

Justin Hanney BS 2006

After graduation I headed south to Houston, TX to work for Boeing on the International Space Station. While there I was in the group responsible for testing the flight software that controls the station. Specifically I worked with the Command & Control and Guidance, Navigation & Control modules. I was also a member of the tools team which made various C# applications that the entire group used to perform various duties. While the job was pretty interesting, it wasn’t very challenging and I wanted something more.

A friend who I worked with at Boeing left to go to in Seattle, WA. After a couple of months he recruited me and now I’m in Seattle working for Amazon. I work in the e-Commerce Platform team, specifically with the Community Platform team. We’re responsible for features such as Customer Reviews, Discussion Boards and Reputation. Currently I’m working with the team to help build a completely new application from the ground up and it has proved to be very interesting. When I’m not churning out code I’m usually found at the company foosball table or dart board.

June, 2010

Justin Laing BS August 2006

After graduation in August 2006, Justin moved to St. Louis with his girlfriend, Anne, who had been accepted to grad school at Washington U. for Occupational Therapy.  Justin shopped his degree around most of the major corporations and IT businesses for awhile before he got his first interview, at Emerson Electric Company, a big Global Fortune 500 corporation.  He was hired on the spot.  Since then, Justin has been doing Microsoft Office programming with VBA, and plenty of VB coding for client/server applications and .NET web applications. Justin thinks Corporate America is fantastic and can’t recommend it enough! He says he works with a great team of IT specialists and really enjoys what he does. He even saved up just enough vacation time in his first year to take an AWESOME trip to the Bahamas.

June, 2010

Chris Phillips BS May 2006

In terms of recent experiences since graduation, Chris has been bizzy with a new position as a recent graduate in the working realm.  His company, CGI, is a firm which specializes in IT solutions for companies from all sectors, including government, health care, banking, retail, and Chris’s current field, telecommunications.  Chris is now the Operations Team Lead, working on a team of four with three members below him.  They deal with long-distance billing for a bulk of the calls made in the Southeast through AT&T/Cingular/Sprint/Qwest.  Within the project, they have a partition consisting of three teams.  Development actually generates the coding solutions.  Chris’s test team then implements the code in a variety of environments, determining whether or not the code will adversely affect previously implemented solutions.  Chris works on the operations team, which is responsible for all code and services once it has entered production. Production is a live environment where any change or modification in daily routine directly affects the client.  It’s an interesting job, which Chris says has challenged his use of UNIX-based programming.  Chris creates a multitude of scripts to make his life easier, and he says it’s really amazing the ability Korn shell scripting has to offer.  Besides work, Chris has been busy traveling to places around the country and around the world.  Immediately following graduation, he and his family travelled to the northern borders of Canada, staying in an area north of Minden (six hours north of Toronto, Ontario).  He has also made trips to Vail, Colorado; Seaside, Florida;  San Francisco, California; and  Freeport, Bahamas.  His most recent trip was to Europe, to visit friends in Paris, France, and Dublin, Ireland.

June, 2010

Casey Pugh BS May 2006

Early in college, Casey knew he wanted to play a role in the web industry. Before graduating, he had started working on a website with Nick Dunkman called Feed Hole. While working on this, he realized he needed to move to the heart of the technology industry in order to reach his fullest potential. Casey’s brother, Chad, who was an Art Director at Fearless Concepts helped Casey to land a freelance gig at his company as he made his transition to New York. It was a great experience to be able to work on high profile clients’ web sites ( i.e., but Casey wanted to spend more time on his side projects and settle into the city, so he took a few months off to fulfill that desire. After three months, he started a job search and found himself in love with a fairly recent startup called He started January 1st, 2007, as part of a four-man team, and today the compnay has grown to over 15 people. He’s proud to be one of the founding developers that helped create what Casey considers to be the best video sharing site and community out there. They are creating a lot of new technology and will be the first to introduce HD video at a consumer level. Case has moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn with his brother Chad.

June, 2010

Steve Tarsa BS May 2006

Steve began working with a start-up hedge fund in Washington, DC, in the fall of 2006 doing data mining to find investment strategies.  He expects to transfer within the company to do business consulting in the near future. Outside of work, Steve has done some travelling, including a trip to Costa Rica with a friend who grew up there. Steve is still doing a lot of painting and is playing with a great orchestra in the city. He says that it’s not the same as at Wake Forest, where he had the opportunity to do the things he enjoyed all day long.  He says that the real challenge is to figure out a career that accomplishes that. Update — starting his PhD in Computer Science this fall at Harvard working with HT Kung.

June, 2010

Brian Lamb BS May 2005; MS December 2006

After graduating with an undergraduate computer science degree from Wake Forest, Brian returned to Wake to get his master’s degree in computer science. A week and a half after completing the master’s degree, Brian got married (… planned, not a trip to Vegas!).   He started working at Duke University (the enemy) in a biochemistry lab writing software for Dr. Homme Hellinga. After eight months there, Brian and his wife moved to Springfield, VA, where she started grad school in public health at George Washington in September. As of September 2007, Brian is working at the J. Craig Venter Institute as the web developer and plans to start classes working towards a PhD.

June, 2010

Annie Lausier BS May 2005

After graduating from Wake Forest in 2005, Annie attended Georgia Tech to study Digital Media.  The program there exposes students to many disciplines of technology and humanities  – such as video games, machinima, interactive narratives, and mobile technology.  Annie focused on interactive television and was part of a group that prototypes new interactive television technologies in Flash.  She was lucky enough to work as the Emerging TV Technologies intern for the Emmys last summer in LA.  Then she returned to Georgia Tech to complete her degree with a Master’s project that prototyped tagging as a navigational tool for exploring television content.  She has since moved on to Yahoo! where she’s working as an interaction designer for an exciting new personal advertising project.  She’s enjoying the challenge and is loving the weather!

June, 2010

Will Moseley BS May 2005

The summer after graduation, Will moved back home to look for a job.  His search eventually led him out to San Diego, California, where he has lived for two years now (as of September 2007).  Will works at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems as a software engineer on various projects involving translating between military radio protocols, extending communications beyond line-of-sight with satellite relays, researching self-discovering and self-organizing networks, and so on.  He has traveled everywhere between Baja Mexico and San Francisco in his free time, as well as playing music, taking pictures, and being a beach bum around town.  Next fall, Will will be enrolling at the University of California Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law.  He intends to study intellectual property and cyberlaw.

June, 2010

Andrew Rinehart BS May 2005

Andrew graduated in May of 2005 and received his commission in the U.S. Army through the Wake Forest ROTC program. He is a light cavalry officer assigned to the 1st Squadron of the 4th Cavalry Regiment. He is currently stationed in southern Baghdad as the executive officer and second-in-command of a light reconnaissance troop. His unit is responsible for providing security to three neighborhoods in the heart of Baghdad. Andrew is sceduled to return to the U.S. sometime in May 2008. After fulfilling his obligation to the Army in May 2009, Andrew plans to go back to school for his MBA.

June, 2010

Jesse Rose BS May 2005

Jesse drove across the country the summer after graduation.  As of September 2007, Jesse is in law school at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.  He will be graduating with his JD in May, ’08.  Along the way, Jesse has been doing internships, law clerk jobs, etc.

June, 2010

Jim Carroll BS May 2004

After graduation, Jim took a job at the company he interned with between junior and senior year as a software developer.  They were a contractor for the FAA, and the primary project Jim was assigned to was the voice-switch and control subsystem component of the air-traffic control system.  He spent about two years there, and, while the atmosphere and the people were great, he felt underpaid and unstimulated by the work.   Since then, Jim has been working as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin Corporation, at their Moorestown, NJ, facility. His main assignments are the infrastructure/middleware components of the AEGIS Weapons System.  In addition, as of September 2007, Jim is in his fourth year of law school at Rutgers-Camden, graduating this May.  Working during the day and going to classes in the evenings has been rough at times, but Jim can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Jim is planning to go into patent law, since his CS background gives him an opportunity that most attorneys don’t have.  Jim’s goal is to move back to North Carolina after graduation, possibly in the Research Triangle area, but he might end up anywhere in the country.

June, 2010

Jennifer Cottle MS May 2004

Jennifer initially was employed on the DISA FSO contract employed by EDS as a developer on the Gold Disk team.  Gold Disk is a piece of software that is used in Windows SRR (Security Readiness Reviews) to help find the vulnerabilities in the system it is run on. Then she decided to move out of development and become a reviewer.  Reviewers travel all over the world as security auditors.  They travel to companies around the world to take a look at their computer security and show them what is vulnerable. They become more than auditors in some situations, by helping them fix as many vulnerabilities as possible.  Jennifer has friends on the review team who have traveled to places such as Germany, Italy, Japan, England, Bahrain and Qatar, plus all over the US, including Hawaii.
As of September 2007, Jennifer has passed the Windows SRR Walkthrough class with a perfect score.  She has completed the Network SRR Walkthrough, and she plans to take the Application SRR Walkthrough class and the the CISSP exam. EDS should be hiring reviewers in the spring, so she hopes to complete the classes and certifications by that time.

June, 2010

Rob Haining BS May 2004

After graduation, Rob first worked at COXnet in the Special Projects team as a Software Developer for the Cox Newspapers’ websites. He then started a job as a Senior Analyst at CondeNast Publications in New York City within their CondeNet division (within yet another Special Projects team), which includes,, &  His biggest project at COXnet was a media sharing application called MediaHub.  You can see implementations of it at

February, 2012

Jimmy Lin BS May 2004

After graduation from Wake Forest, Jimmy moved into Manhattan and got a job at Deloitte in their Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) group. There, he used his computer skills to model complex bond structures that major investment banks issue out into the market.  Basically, when iBanks lend out money by issuing commercial mortgages, they in effect own an illiquid asset on their balance sheet that pays them monthly mortgage payments (consisting of principal and interest).  Instead of sitting on these assets (which could take up to 30 years to realize), they can pool together hundreds of them (and their cashflows) and structure them into bonds and sell them to investors.  These bonds would then be rated by rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s anywhere from AAA to B.  The simplest structure would be a sequential one where the AAA rated bonds get paid first and the lowest rated bonds would take the first loss.  This “waterfall,” the way the bonds get paid down by the cashflows generated from the mortgage payments, needs to be modeled out in Excel and VBA, and that’s where Jimmy’s position came in.  Through this process called securitization, the iBanks effectively realize the mortgages into liquid cash which they use to make more loans.  Although Jimmy enjoyed his job at Deloitte and the people he worked with, the hours were sometimes very demanding.  There would be times where he was required to work 48 straight hours to get a deal “printed.”  In the beginning of 2007, Jimmy changed jobs, and he is now working at Sorin Capital Management, a long/short fixed income hedge fund with about 1.2 billion in capital.  It’s a small, close group, and Jimmy says everyone is very nice and friendly. He works as a trader/analyst on the Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) desk at Sorin – same concept, except with residential mortgages. Jimmy says he had no idea when he left school that the computer science skills learned at Wake Forest could be so valuable in the financial world.

June, 2010

Omar Qari BS May 2004

Since graduating, Omar has moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where he is working in private equity on leveraged buyouts and infrastructure projects at Abraaj Capital throughout the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia region.  As of September 2007, he’s working on the portfolio management team in and out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE.  Omar says he really enjoys what he’s doing.  His fiancé will join him after they get married in July of 2008.  Omar and his friends launched a non-profit in January of 2005, Youth Outreach, Developments in Literacy, through which they build schools in underprivileged areas of Pakistan.   They have expanded the organization to include six cities in the United States.

June, 2010

Lee Bell BS May 2003

After graduating in 2003, Lee worked in IT for four years — one year at UNC-CH as an IT Consultant (jack of all trades) and three years at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, as a PC Support Specialist, where he repaired pcs and did minor network administration and projects.  In 2007, Lee was accepted to medical school in Memphis – the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.  He expects to go into radiology or a related subspecialty when he graduates in 2011.  As of September 2007, his wife is in her fourth year at UTCOM, where she is studying internal medicine/pediatrics, a joint program called med/peds.  In June 2007, Lee and his wife had a baby boy, whom they named Riley. Riley loves to help his dad with the computers in the house.

June, 2010

Matthew Curtis-Maury BS May 2003

Since graduating from Wake Forest in 2003, Matthew has been in graduate school in computer science. He received an MS from The College of William and Mary in 2005 and expects to get his PhD from Virginia Tech in 2008. His dissertation work has been focused in the area of high performance computing, with an emphasis on improving energy efficiency in this context. This work has been published in various conferences and journals, allowing Matthew to travel to places like Italy and Australia to present his work. He also pursued his research over the summer of 2007 as a Computation Technical Scholar at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Matthew got married in October 2006 to Jen, whom he met at W&M.

November, 2011

Patrick Speice Minor May 2003

After graduating from Wake in 2003, Patrick went to law school at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. During his time there, he served as an Articles Editor for the William and Mary Law Review and as a Graduate Research Fellow. He became involved in a number of volunteer activities as well, including serving as the chair of the law school’s division of the Alan Bukzin Memorial Bone Marrow Drive for two years. During the summer of 2004, Patrick worked for the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, and during the summer of 2005, he worked as a summer associate at the Washington, D.C. office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, a firm with a number of national and international offices. Patrick graduated in May 2006 and took the Virginia Bar Exam that summer before moving to Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., in August 2006. In October 2006, he returned to Gibson Dunn permanently as an associate attorney. At that time, he also learned that he had passed the Virginia Bar Exam, and he was licensed to practice law in Virginia. In late summer 2007, his application to practice law in D.C. was accepted, and he was sworn in to the D.C. Bar. During the past year at Gibson Dunn, Patrick has practiced in the firm’s international trade regulation and litigation practice groups. A short bio (and soon a picture), can be found at:

June, 2010

Amy Rueth Webb BS May 2003

After graduation, Amy started out working for Williamson County Public Schools in Franklin, TN, as a Data Warehouse Specialist. She was responsible for creating, maintaining and training the school principals on a data warehouse that held all of Williamson County’s assessment data. When she was hired, most of the data was in paper form, but by the time she left there was a system in place that allowed the principals to access, organize, and disseminate the data securely through a web browser. What she enjoyed most about the position was training and working with the principals. That set her up well for her next position, which would depend heavily on her ability to interact with people. After working at the school system, Amy worked at Vanderbilt Medical Center as a Computer Systems Analyst for Perioperative Systems Support. She provided 24-hour support to troubleshoot issues reported by clinicians and surgeons. She loved the experience of wearing scrubs and being able to help and support the clinicians, surgeons and anesthesiologists during their surgeries. Most recently, Amy has been working at Duke University Office of Information Technology (OIT) as their Student Computing Coordinator while her husband Ty (class of 2002) attends Duke to get his MBA. Amy is responsible for managing the undergraduate and graduate students who work for OIT and also works as project manager for a whole range of tasks. Currently, she has 50 student employees who work in varying roles across the campus. She loves working with university students, helping them access and use the technology resources that Duke offers.

June, 2010

Patrick Wheeler BS May 2003

Patrick was the winner of the Sawyer Prize for computer science in 2003. After graduation from Wake Forest, Patrick travelled across Tibet and Nepal by bicycle.  From 2004 to 2006, he attended UC Davis, graduating with a Master’s in Computer Science.  He focused on computer security research while in graduate school and worked as a summer graduate research intern at Pacific Northwest National Lab.  During the 2006-2007 academic year, Patrick lived in Beijing, China, where he attended the Inter-University Program for advanced language study at Tsinghua University.  He is currently a graduate student in the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

June, 2010

Bob Akers BS May 2002

After exiting the Calloway Building in 2002 with his Bachelor’s in CS, Bob Akers moved 100 yards up the road and began work on his Master’s degree at the Babcock Graduate School of Management. Two years later, he completed his MBA with concentrations in Operations and IT Management. The diploma hanging proudly upon his office wall states that he graduated “with distinction”–however, he claims that this was a misprint. In the Summer of 2004, Akers relocated to Charleston, WV, where he has since embarked upon numerous and sundry adventures. For two years, he and a fellow MBA graduate operated a web design firm; in 2006, Akers sold his share of the company to focus on improving his townhouses (, which promise to be Charleston’s premiere rentals within five years if he can repair all the roofs and HVAC systems without first going bankrupt. Throughout his time in West Virginia, Akers has been employed by Union Mission (, a Charleston-based non-profit that feeds more than 60,000 needy people throughout West Virginia. Akers currently (September 2007) serves as Director of Development. His official responsibilities include fundraising and public relations; however, he also manages the organization’s computer network and is currently developing a web-based case management system.

June, 2010

Cameron Kluth BS May 2002

Cameron worked in international e-commerce for five years at Office Depot in south Florida. An avid traveler, he has climbed mountains in the Tibetan Himalayas, hiked north of the Swedish Arctic Circle, and visited the Matsiguenka tribe of hunters and gatherers in the Amazon rainforest. In 2006, he earned his MBA from the University of Oxford, England, and raised $6 million from venture capitalists to build a port in southwest India. He would later return to Office Depot to run the business side of e-commerce, coordinating 72 concurrent projects with net sales of over $6 billion. After medical school, he’s now an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital specializing in chronic pain.

, 2018

Mason Matthews BS May 2002

Mason was the winner of the Sawyer Prize for computer science in 2002.  After graduating in 2002, he moved to San Francisco to work for Kemper Insurance.  After one year (and probably not because of Mason), the company closed its doors, and Mason returned to Durham, NC.  For the next few years, he attended graduate school in computer science at Duke University and ran his own business, Matthews Systems, which provided home computer support.  In July of 2004, he married Lucia Runestad, another Wake Forest graduate, who works in the childcare industry.  He completed his Master’s degree in computer science in December 2006, and has since been working with SciMed Solutions in Durham, NC, as the lead of its web development team.

June, 2010

Mark Sherriff BS May 2002

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Wake Forest in 2002.  He earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from NC State University, where he has also been an Adjunct Lecturer for the past four years.  Mark completed his PhD in Computer Science at NC State University in August 2007.  Mark’s research interests are in empirical software engineering and computer science education.  In September 2007, Mark joined the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia as an Assistant Professor.

June, 2010

Ty Webb BS May 2002

Ty has been happily married for over four years to Amy Webb (formerly Amy Rueth of the Wake Forest CS class of 2003). As of October 2007, they live in Durham, NC and have no children. Ty worked as a software engineer from 2002-2006 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. The application on which he worked was a computerized physician order entry system (CPOE) system. He worked daily with physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators trying to make the delivery of care to the patients safer and more efficient. Last year, Ty returned to North Carolina to get his MBA at Duke. He will graduate in Spring 2008 with concentrations in finance and marketing with a specialization in Health Sector Management. Amy and Ty would like to return to Nashville, have a few children, and continue the life they started there a few years ago.

June, 2010

Ellen Davis Badgley Minor May 2001

Ellen was an anthropology major and computer science minor, and she has been doing software development since graduating from Wake in ’01. She initially moved up to Northern Virginia to work for Raytheon right out of school, but in February of ’06, she changed jobs and now works for the MITRE Corporation in McLean, a government FFRDC providing systems engineering expertise. She says that it’s a fantastic place to work and is full of some of the smartest people she has ever met. Ellen has been working on GIS software development and geospatial data modeling for the past couple of years, and she is in the process of getting a MS in Geographic/Cartographic Sciences from George Mason University (with a possible concentration/attached certificate in Computational Social Sciences). Her other big news is that through a medieval history group, Ellen met a wonderful man named Joshua Badgley, and they were married in October of ’04. Now they spend their time being incurable geeks together and studying odd facets of Japanese history. They love to travel and are hoping to work abroad at some point in the near future.

June, 2010

Jeremy Kindy BS May 2001

After graduating in 2001, Jeremy moved to Bloomington, IN, and married Jennifer McCarthy (also a WFU alum).  While in Bloomington, Jeremy was employed by the American Indian Studies Research Institute of Indiana University.  Danny joined the family in 2003, and the family moved to Fowlerville, MI, in the middle of 2004.  Jeremy worked as a photographer and freelance web programmer while in Michigan.  In early 2006, Jeremy and Jenny moved back to Winston-Salem, when Jeremy started work as a System Administrator for Wake Forest University.  They welcomed Timothy to the family in January 2007.

June, 2010

Ryan Scholl BS May 2001

Ryan Scholl works in Wake Forest’s Information Systems Department. As of September 2007, his position is  Decision Support Analyst.  Ryan says that they’re only beginning to scratch the surface of decision support analysis at the University.  The main parts of Ryan’s job consist of data modeling and reporting, but with WFU’s relatively new ERP system and BI tools, the job and department are heading in the right direction.  Previously, Ryan headed up the computer lab piece of WinstonNet.  WinstonNet was a collaborative community endeavor between the major academic, government, and social service institutions aimed at bringing technology to the underserved population in Winston-Salem.  After about three years of doing everything from traveling all over the city meeting with the Mayor and Congressmen to crawling under desks to wire thin client computers, Ryan was shifted to the more internal position of Decision Support Analyst within IS.   Along the way, Ryan has earned his MBA at Wake Forest, graduating in 2005.  He says the MBA program taught him new ways to approach problems and situations, which has increased proficiency and efficiency at work.  Ryan loves experiencing foreign cultures or even just seeing another part of this country.  One of the highlights of his travels is a trip after graduation when a college buddy and he took about two weeks and drove cross country.  Ryan also spent time in China and Argentina in the past few years.  The trip to China was through the MBA program.

June, 2010

John Ainsworth BS May 2000

After graduation, John travelled to El Paso, Texas where he served for five years in the US Army as an officer in a Patriot Missile Battalion. During that time, he travelled to a number of different places without using his passport, deployed at different times to Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq. While he was in Iraq, he served as a liaison officer to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in the Green Zone. After he got out of the Army, he moved back to his hometown of Charlottesville, VA, bought a house, and got married. He’s currently (September 2007) working at Elder Research, Inc. as a programmer/analyst, where he has the opportunity to work on lots of exciting and interesting problems like the Netflix prize problem.

November, 2011

Ben Briggs BS May 2000

After graduating, Ben found a job doing web application development for EDS in London. He spent two and a half years there, working on projects for the UK Government. One of the systems was for their courtrooms to have a computerized scheduling system that had displays similar to airport gate displays, and which also sent SMS, fax, and emails to participants to tell them case status. In 2003, he left the computer industry for the leather industry. He helped a Texas company start a leather goods factory in China, which he now manages. His team of 80 workers makes products like wallets, notebooks, handbags, and more. The company has a particular focus on caring for their employees and community. Visit to learn more! After two years, he fell in love with 2003’s first employee, Jenny, and they got married in 2005! They had son Micah in 2006.

June, 2010

Jeremy Rudock BS May 2000

As of September 2007, Jeremy is living in Winston-Salem, where he works remotely as a program manager for Yardi Systems (, the industry leader in property management software.  He specifically focuses on real estate appraisal and investment management software and works with teams in Pune, India, Amsterdam, and Australia.  Jeremy is married to a graduate student who’s currently wrapping up a PhD in molecular genetics at Wake Forest University Medical Center.  They have two children:  Henry, age 4; and Harrison, 11 months old.

June, 2010

Chris Williamson BS August 2000

From 2000 to 2005, Chris worked at Salem College as a DBA and Systems Administrator. In 2005, he began work as a Systems Analyst at WFUHS in The Center for Structural Biology.  He administers a 16-node Linux cluster, a lab of eight Linux workstations used for protein crystallography research, and three other Linux servers running email, websites, etc.  He also does PC support for the Department of Biochemistry.   Chris was married in 2001 and has a 3-year-old daughter named Chloe.

June, 2010

Brian Ostasiewski BS 1998

After graduation, Brian took a position with IBM in the Research Triangle Park, working in their newly-created Java programming group under the Tivoli set of products.  About three years later, Yaorong Ge, a former computer science faculty member at Wake Forest, contacted Brian  about a company he was helping startup back in Winston-Salem.  Moving back to town allowed Brian to hold season tickets for Wake Forest basketball and football, so he couldn’t resist.  He became the first full-time engineer hire of PointDx, a medical software company focusing on radiology reporting and 3D image rendering.  Over four years, the company developed several iterations of their product, demonstrated it at trade shows, and made a few waves in the industry.  At the end of 2005, the company was bought out by IDX, a larger medical software company, which was itself bought out by GE Medical a few months later.  GE opted to close the Winston-Salem office (announced on Brian’s 30th birthday in fact!).  Luckily, Brian immediately found a good situation with Noregon Systems, a local company that creates hardware and software for the automotive and transportation industries.  He has been with them since, holding a Technical Lead position (which means more Project Manager than Programmer).  Over these years, Brian did a lot of traveling for both fun and business.  He twice had the opportunity to attend the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, and every year with PointDx he and his colleagues attended the RSNA conference in Chicago (unfortunately during the first week in December).  Another CS grad, Charlie Benson, did contract work in various locations overseas for several years, and provided Brian with free lodging for trips to London.  A few years ago, Brian was back on the Wake Forest campus picking up tickets for a Homecoming game, when he ran into an old classmate on the quad, Meghna Baliga, who had also moved back to Winston-Salem (to pursue her PhD in Biology at Wake).  The rest, as they say, is history.  They celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in August 2007, going to Munich for their honeymoon.

June, 2010

David Stelts BS 1995

David Stelts has been in medical imaging since graduation.  After a stint at a mildly successful start up with other Wake CSC alums (including Dave Ahn, James Han, Brian Ostasiewski, Ricardo Peral, and Dr. Yaorong Ge), David joined Microsoft in Washington, DC (along with James Han).  He was fortunate enough to marry another Wake alum — Anne Shaffer (’96), who was also a CSC major for a couple of semesters before she saw the light and became an attorney.  The couple lives in Oakton, VA, with their two lovely children Andrew (5) and Lucy (3).

June, 2010