Independent/Individual Study

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Independent/individual study in Computer Science at Wake Forest University allows a student to gain experience in and understanding of material from an area that is typically not presented in a regular class. Independent study courses are not to be used to replace a comparable class offered by the Department.

Time Commitment

The time committed to independent/individual study should be comparable to the time committed to standard courses. The student and faculty member are expected to meet at least once per week during the term of the course.  A commonly used guideline for student time expectations is that, on average, three hours of independent work per week should be performed per hour of credit awarded.

Course Objectives

The student and faculty together should define a list of course objectives to be achieved by completion of the course.

Planned Readings

Appropriate resources to act as primary or supporting curricular material should be listed.  Such resources commonly include: textbooks, journal articles, manuals, and appropriate website resources.

Topics To Be Covered

A list of topics that will be the focus of the course should be included.  Coverage of the topics should ensure that the course objectives can be satisfied.  Where appropriate, relate course topics to planned readings and evaluation metrics.


Deliverables to be submitted by completion of the semester in which the course is undertaken are expected.  Such deliverables may vary according to the proposed objectives for the course. Suggestions include: a term paper; presentation of findings to a class, seminar group, state, or national convention; development of a poster to be presented in the department; an article for publication; or development of instructional material.


An explicit description of how the student’s work will be evaluated (via homework assignments, exams, intermediate project grades, etc.) should be provided.