Planning for a CS Major

Students considering a major in computer science are encouraged to do the following:

  •     Take CSC 111 and MTH 117 during their freshman year. Students with sufficient programming experience or appropriate AP scores may skip CSC 111 and go straight to CSC 112. Credit is given for CSC 111 with an AP score of 5. With an AP score of 4, students may skip CSC 111 but will not receive credit. If a student has an AP score below 4, it may still be possible to skip CSC 111, but this is a case-by-case basis, and the student should contact the Computer Science Department if interested.
  •     Take CSC 112 and CSC 221 as early as feasible. Completing these courses in the sophomore year provides the most flexibility in scheduling other required courses and electives. While not necessary, completing CSC 111, 112, 221, and MTH 117 by then end of the fall semester of the sophomore year provides the best flexibility, especially for the BS degree (Computer Science offers a BA and a BS, with the BA requiring fewer CSC credits.)
  •     Consider taking another 200-level course in the sophomore year. Reviewing prerequisites for the 300-level electives may help decide which 200-level courses to take early. For example, CSC 241 is a prerequisite for CSC 348 Computer Security.
  •    Review the Computer Science degree requirements and other information on the department website and make an appointment with a faculty advisor in the Computer Science Department by contacting the department’s administrative assistant.