Study Abroad and Summer School Elswhere

Study abroad, summer school elsewhere, and generally gaining experience at other universities provide rich experiences for students. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities and do all we can to provide support.

In order to help expedite the process, students who plan on these activities must meet with their Computer Science major or minor advisor to discuss options and review the program and courses they are interested in. This should be done during the advising period prior to the semester abroad or summer school session, earlier if possible. Students who have not yet declared a Computer Science major or minor and wish to take computer science courses abroad or in summer school may want to make an appointment with a computer science faculty member by contacting the department administrative assistant.

For all students, before bringing the orange “Semester Course Approval Form for Study Abroad” to the Computer Science Department, email the following to the department chair:

  • URL for the university you want to attend.
  • URL for the program or department of the courses.
  • URL for the courses. If the syllabus is not in the course URL, then attach a syllabus.
  • Any other pertinent information.

All attachments should have file names that reflect the university name, course, etc. Generic file names such as “syllabus.pdf” should not be sent.

For summer school elsewhere or any other request for transfer credits in Computer Science, the same information listed above must be submitted.