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Reynolda HallI often find myself defending higher education these days. I suspect you do, too. The public is increasingly critical of the education we provide as preparation for our graduates’ complex futures. People are skeptical of our commitment to access and affordability. Experts foresee economic and technological disruptions so enormous they will close one college after another. Detractors disparage academics for their reluctance to re-think teaching and curriculum in light of future world needs.

I say, wait a minute. Things are NOT broken here at Wake Forest. The future is pretty darn bright. Here’s only a partial list of the ways we are meeting these kinds of criticisms head on:

  • extensive First Year Experience initiatives — from the FYE 101 course to the developing E-Portfolio project and the idea of a Residential College system — to ensure belonging and community for all our students
  • sustained conversations over two and a half years across the entire College faculty about what a liberal arts curriculum needs to deliver in the 21st century
  • outstanding Magnolia Scholars Program for First Generation Students with 94% retention and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year
  • Mellon grant-supported infusion of humanities thinking and learning into our new Engineering curriculum
  • evolution and growth of the Environment and Sustainability Program, now on the brink of launching an interdisciplinary major
  • new advising pilot whereby faculty who teach first-year courses serve as their students’ advisers
  • extensive student opportunities for integrated learning (arts collection, capstone courses, Study Away, URECA research grants, experiential, etc.)

What would you add to this list?  How well do you think the College is preparing for the future? You can e-mail me at or call me (x4270) to let me know.



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