Support the DFP

Your support of our program will give our students the resources to expand their visual storytelling and entrepreneurial skills and to tell compelling, well-crafted stories about issues of social, political and cultural importance.  More specifically, your gift will be used to support the following initiatives.

Student Storytellers
Our students produce award-winning films on very limited budgets, and often raise the bulk of the money themselves.  You can help support student films and transmedia projects by providing additional funding for travel, archival materials, and music.

The Imagination Project
The Imagination Project is a course offered each year that partners students with non-profit organizations and faculty in the sciences and liberal arts to produce films, E-books and other types of digital stories.

In a recent partnership with Yad Vashem, the world’s premier Holocaust museum, graduate and undergraduate students worked with animators, composers, artists and dancers on the production of short films, electronic study guides and a multimedia museum installation on artists of the Holocaust.

With your support we can fund future Imagination Project initiatives that will give students the opportunity to visually explore stories in the liberal arts and sciences.

Visiting Filmmakers and Entrepreneurs
We are always seeking to expose our students to diverse viewpoints on storytelling and entrepreneurship. This fund will allow us to bring in guest filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs and alumni to share their skills and experiences with our students.

The DFP faculty, staff and students appreciate your support and your contribution.