Chinese Program

Overview of the Chinese Language Program

The Chinese Program at Wake Forest University began in 1989 and has grown vigorously ever since. Students can take seven semesters of Chinese as well as an optional course in Business Chinese. Our dedicated instructors, who are all trained in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, work closely with the students in and out of the classroom. Chinese majors spend a semester abroad immersing themselves in the target language and culture. Every semester the Chinese Program sponsors various extracurricular activities to enhance formal learning. Past graduates work in a variety fields such as marketing and advertising, finances, secondary education and law. 


Fengyan Hu, Assistant Professor of the Practice

Andy Rodekohr, Assistant Professor

Yaohua Shi, Associate Professor

Qiaona Yu, Assistant Professor


Adjunct faculty:

        Jia-Hui Li

        Ying-Chieh Wang



Student projects and extracurricular activities


For Incoming Students:

New students who took Chinese in high school need to take a Chinese language placement test. For details, please read the placement test information

Students from China who would like to be exempt from the College requirement in foreign language should contact the Chair of the Department.


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