Current Course Offerings

Course Schedules

Please see in WIN for the current course offerings.

Typical Schedules

For the BA in economics the following schedule is typical:

*It is recommended that Econ 209 be taken after either Econ 205 or Econ 207

*Economics/Math Economics majors interested in pursuing Honors should complete Econ 209/Econ 215 in their junior year

First Year Sophomore Junior* Senior
Lower Division requirements;
ECN 150; MTH 111
MTH 109; ECN 205 or ECN 207 ECN 205 or ECN 207,
ECN 206, ECN 209 and elective(s)
Remaining electives in economics

Ideally take ECN 205 and/or ECN 207 in your sophomore year but realistically this may not be possible.  Taking ECN 205 and ECN 207 in your junior year is fine.
MTH 109 is a pre-req for ECN 209. MTH 111 is a pre-req for ECN 205 and ECN 207

*It is expected that economics majors will complete the intermediate theory sequences in their junior year.

For the BS in mathematical economics the following schedule is typical:

First Year Sophomore Junior Senior
MTH 112; Lower Division requirements; ECN 150 MTH 113, 121 ECN 210, ECN 211; ECN 215; MTH 254, 255 ECN 218; Three electives in economics and/or mathematics


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