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20140408hammond2312J. DANIEL HAMMOND
Department Chair/Hultquist Family Professor

B.A.-Wake Forest University
Ph.D.-University of Virginia
Telephone: (336) 758-5335
Office: 209 Kirby Hall
Email: hammond@wfu.edu

Dan Hammond joined the Wake Forest faculty in 1978. He was an undergraduate economics major at Wake Forest from 1968 to 1972. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Dan currently teaches introductory economics.

Dan’s research is on the history of economics, primarily the Chicago School of Economics. He was president of the History of Economics Society in 2001-02. His publications include Theory and Measurement: Causality Issues in Milton Friedman’s Monetary Economics (Cambridge University Press, 1996), The Legacy of Milton Friedman as Teacher (Edward Elgar, 1999), Making Chicago Price Theory: Friedman-Stigler Correspondence, 1945-1957 (with Claire Hammond, Routledge, 2006), and Chicago Price Theory (with Steven Medema & John Singleton, Edward Elgar, 2013). He and Robert Cord are currently editing a book on Milton Friedman for Oxford University Press, and he is writing papers on Paul Samuelson’s analysis of market failure and on the history of Malthusian population doctrine.

Dan and Claire have three children and five grandchildren.

Assistant Professor

B.A.- Washington University in St. Louis, 2004
Ph.D.- University of Maryland, College Park, 2012
Telephone: (336) 758- 6503
Office: 210 Kirby Hall
Email: burketje@wfu.edu

Justin Burkett received a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. He joined Wake Forest University in July, 2012. His research interests include Market Design (specifically auction design), Microeconomic Theory, and Industrial Organization.

Associate Professor

B.S.- University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D. – University of Chicago
Telephone:(336) 758-5231
Office: 204A Kirby Hall
Email: chenfh@wfu.edu

Fred Chen received his BS in mathematics and economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. His teaching and research interests include mathematical economics and economic epidemiology. Fred is the advisor for the major in Mathematical Economics (MEC).


B.A.-Oxford University
Ph.D.-University of Edinburgh
Telephone: (336) 758-5762
Office: 214 Kirby Hall
Email: cottrell@wfu.edu

Born and raised in Scotland. Earned a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh. Moved to the U.S.A. in 1983 and taught at UNC- Chapel Hill and Elon College before coming to Wake Forest in 1989. Research interests include the history of economic thought (Marx and Keynes in particular), issues in macroeconomics, and the theory of economic planning. Other interests include computer programming and playing guitar (blues and fiddle-band music).

Assistant Professor

B.A.- Furman University
M.A.-Duke University
Ph.D.-Georgia State University
Telephone: (336) 758-4413
Office: 215 Kirby Hall
Email: curtisem@wfu.edu

Mark Curtis received his Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University in 2014. Prior to that, he received his M.A. in Economics from Duke University in 2009 and his B.A. in Religion and Spanish from Furman University in 2004. From 2013 to 2014 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. His primary fields are environmental and labor economics and he has particular interest in program evaluation and energy policy.

Mark lives in Winston-Salem with his wife, Lindley, his two children, Claire and Wesley and his rambunctious dog, Charlie.

Assistant Professor

B.A – Cornell University
Ph.D.-University of Minnesota
Telephone: (336) 758-4495
Office: 204B Kirby Hall

Email: daltonc@wfu.edu

Dr. Christina M. Dalton comes to Wake Forest from the University of Georgia. Her research is at the intersection of health economics and industrial organization: improving health care provision by analyzing how markets for health care goods and services work (or don’t work). For example, her projects include modeling how nonprofits and for-profit hospices choose patients differently and how insurance out-of-pocket costs, such as the infamous “donut hole”, change how senior citizens fill prescriptions. Dr. Dalton received her PhD from the University of Minnesota. Previous to graduate studies, she worked at the New York Federal Reserve Bank and for a private consulting firm focusing on school districts, local government, and nonprofits.

20140408dalton2353JOHN T. DALTON
Assistant Professor

B.A.-International Studies and German Studies,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2003
M.A.-Economics, University of Minnesota, 2007
Ph.D. – Economics, University of Minnesota, 2010
Telephone: (336) 758-4084
Office: 204 Kirby Hall
Email: daltonjt@wfu.edu

Professor John T. Dalton received his B.A. in International Studies and German Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota. Professor Dalton also spent a year as a Fulbright Student Grantee at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, Austria. Before arriving at Wake Forest University, he taught courses in Economics at the University of Minnesota and worked as a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He has been a visiting scholar at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Professor Dalton’s areas of expertise include international trade, growth and development, macroeconomics, and economic history.

Assistant Professor

B.A.- Washington University in St. Louis
Ph.D.- University of Wisconsin-Madison
Telephone: (336) 758-2311
Office: 208 Kirby Hall
Email: flanagfx@wfu.edu

Fran graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A. in Economics, and received both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His teaching and research interests include microeconomic theory, law and economics, matching theory and market design.

Associate Professor

B.A.-Colgate University, 2004
M.A.- Cornell University, 2008
Ph.D.-Cornell University, 2009
Telephone: (336) 758-4523
Office: 207 Kirby Hall
Email: griffial@wfu.edu

Amanda Griffith attended Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, double-majoring in Biology and Economics. Following graduation, she began her graduate studies in Economics at Cornell University with a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She received her Master of Arts in Economics in January of 2008 and received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in August of 2009. Her research focuses on the Economics of Higher Education. In particular, she is interested in studying students’ choices of type of college and major, and how this affects their labor market outcomes. Additionally she studies how institutional policies such as financial aid and institutional spending can affect the distribution and success of students enrolled at a college or university.


B.A.-University of Texas
Ph.D.-University of Maryland
Telephone: (336) 758-5923
Office: 205 Kirby Hall
Email: heckeljc@wfu.edu

Dr. Heckelman rejoined the Wake Forest faculty in 1996. Jac previously worked as an economist in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was an operations research analyst with the Joint Warfare Analysis Center, and has been a research fellow at American Institute for Economic Research, and visiting scholar at West Virginia University and the Center for Study of Public Choice at George Mason University. He currently teaches Introduction to Economics, Public Finance, Public Choice, and Theory of Social Choice. His primary research interests are at the intersection of public choice and economic history. He has published over eighty papers covering such topics as drafting of the United States Constitution, secret ballot elections, voting by lottery, political business cycles, economic freedom indicators, and institutional sclerosis. His paper on “A Spatial Model of U.S. Senate Elections,” was awarded the first Gordon Tullock Prize for best article in Public Choice by a younger scholar, and a subsequent (co-authored) paper entitled “Voting on Slavery at the Constitutional Convention” also won the Tullock Prize. He is co-editor of the Elgar Handbook of Social Choice and Voting, Public Choice Interpretations of American Economic History (1999) and Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson (2003), and editor of the classroom text Readings in Public Choice Economics (2004).


20140408macdonald2327JOHN A. MACDONALD
Assistant Teaching Professor

B.A.-Wake Forest University
Ph.D.-University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Telephone: (336) 758-4457
Office: 211 Kirby Hall
Email: macdonja@wfu.edu

John MacDonald is a Wake Forest graduate (’95) with a Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill (’07). Between college and graduate school, John spent a few years in the private sector as a pricing analyst for U.S. Airways and a financial accountant for Wachovia Bank. Prior to joining the WFU Economics Department in 2005, he taught economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and Guilford College.

Here at Wake Forest, he has taught Introduction to Economics, Micro I, and American Economic Development. His training and research interests are geared toward Industrial Organization with a specific emphasis on the airline industry.
John and his wife Laurie (’95) live in Oak Ridge with their children Audrey, Sadie, Nora, Lucy and Duncan.

Associate Professor

B.A.- Cambridge University
M.A.- Cambridge University/Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D.-Johns Hopkins University
Telephone: (336) 758- 4519
Office: 216 Kirby Hall
Email: mazumds@wfu.edu

Sandeep Mazumder received his B.A. with honors in Economics from St. Catharine’s College at Cambridge University. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

His research and teaching interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, international monetary economics, and time-series econometrics. Sandeep has focused much of his research on U.S. inflation dynamics and the Phillips Curve, and has published in journals such as the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Macroeconomic Dynamics, and the Journal of Macroeconomics.”

Visiting Assistant Professor

B.S.-Miami University, 1997
Ph.D.-North Carolina State University, 2005
Telephone: (336) 758-4055
Office: 223 Kirby Hall
Email: mcfallta@wfu.edu

Dr. McFall is in his second stint with the department, as he was part of the faculty from 2004-2006, and he re-joined the department beginning in 2010. He earned a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 2005, where he received a department-level award for his dissertation and a university-level award for his teaching.

From 2006-2010, Dr. McFall worked for consulting firms in New York City and College Station, TX, where he advised clients on the economic implications of their legal matters, including one dispute that was heard by the US Supreme Court.

Dr. McFall researches household education decisions, the regulation of technology, and the economics of sports.

Visiting Assistant Professor

B.A. – University of Connecticut
M.A. – George Mason University
Ph.D. – George Mason University
Telephone: (336) 758-4494
Office: 212 Kirby Hall
Email: safnerr@wfu.edu

Ryan recently received his Ph.D in Economics from George Mason University. Prior to that, he also received his M.A. in Economics from George Mason University and his B.A. in Economics from the University of Connecticut. His research focuses broadly on political economy, law and economics, and alternative institutions that provide public goods. In particular, most of his current research is focused on copyright law and innovation.

Assistant Professor

B.S. – California Institute of Technology
M.A. – Development Economics, University of Sussex
M.A. & Ph.D.- Economics, UCLA
Telephone: (336) 758-2312
Office: 217 Kirby Hall
Email: soverovt@wfu.edu

Moving from Los Angeles, California, Veronica joins Wake Forest as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics. Veronica received her B.S. in Economics from the California Institute of Technology, her M.A. in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA. Her research examines how individual preferences and beliefs affect household decision-making with respect to marriage, fertility, and investments in children in developing countries. Recent research focuses on topics such as HIV testing and marital stability in Malawi, as well as the effects of a parent’s risk preferences on child health in Mexico.

whaples-215x300ROBERT M. WHAPLES
Hough Family Professor

B.A.-University of Maryland
Ph.D.-University of Pennsylvania
Telephone: (336) 758-4916
Office: 206 Kirby Hall
Email: whaples@wfu.edu

Robert Whaples graduated from the University of Maryland in 1983 with BA’s in economics and history and earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990. His research deals primarily with the history of American labor markets and consensus among economists.

He is editor of The Independent Review and book review editor for EH.Net (economic history). He is the co-editor of three recent books, The Handbook of Modern Economic History (2012), The Handbook of Major Events in Economic History (2013), and The Economic Crisis in Retrospect: Explanations by Great Economists. His research has been published in the Journal of Economic History, Southern Economic Journal, Economic Inquiry, Contemporary Economic Policy, and other journals.

He regularly teaches Introduction to Economics, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics and the Economics of Entrepreneurship. He is coach of the Wake Forest Quiz Bowl Team. He and his wife, Regina, are the proud parents of five – three of whom are Wake Forest graduates.

johnwood-200x300JOHN H. WOOD
Reynolds Professor of Economics

B.S.- Ohio University
M.A.-Michigan State University
Ph.D. – Purdue University
Telephone: (336) 758- 5250
Office: 213 Kirby Hall
Email: jw@wfu.edu

Previous Positions:
Economist, Federal Reserve Board
Lecturer in Economics, University of Birmingham (England)
Associate Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Esmee Fairbairn Professor of Investment, University of Birmingham
Professor of Finance, Kellogg School, Northwestern University
Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Tan Chin Tuan Visiting Professor of Economics and Banking, National University of Singapore



Donald E. Frey

Michael S. Lawlor

Claire H. Hammond

John C. Moorhouse

Perry L. Patterson


Staff Contacts


20140408economics1849JOANNA HAMILTON
Administrative Assistant

Telephone: (336) 758-5334

Office: 225 Kirby Hall

Email: hamiltjk@wfu.edu

Jo has enjoyed being in the Department since October 2013, having previously moved from England to Winston-Salem. If you have any questions about the Economics Department or perhaps about the UK before you go there to study, stop by and see her, or email. She will be happy to help.

Instructional Technologist

Telephone: (336) 758-4818
Office: 105 Kirby Hall
Email: mccorks@wfu.edu

Member of Wake Forest University’s Instructional Technology Group. Specialties: Instructional Design, Distance Education modalities, creation of eLearning modules and learning objects.


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