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Mathematical Economics Forum

With a generous gift from Mr. John Geissinger, an alumnus of the university (BS 1981), the Mathematical Economics Forum at Wake Forest University was established jointly by the Departments of Mathematics and Economics in 2001.  The purpose of the Forum is to broaden and enrich the educational experience of students majoring in Mathematical Economics by bringing to campus renowned economists for a lecture and a workshop to introduce students to their work.  In addition to the talks by the invited speakers, the biennial Forum (since 2004) gives Mathematical Economics majors the opportunity to meet with the scholars on an informal basis over meals and at a reception hosted by the Department of Mathematics to discuss their work, preparing for graduate school, and career opportunities.

Invited Speakers


Dr. Timothy Kehoe
Professor of Economics
University of Minnesota and
Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

“Debt Crisis in Europe and the Problems that Confront the European Monetary Union”

2008 Prof. Paul J. Zak
Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for
Neuroeconomics Studies
Claremont Graduate University

“The Neuroeconomics of Trust”
“Eight Lessons from Neuroeconomics”

2006 Prof. Jean M. Mitchell (BS Wake Forest University, 1981)
Public Policy Institute
Georgetown University

“Do Financial Incentives Linked to Ownership of Specialty Hospitals Affect Physician Practice Patterns?”
“Receipt of Health Supervision Visits Among SSI Eligible Children in the DC Medicare Program”

2004 Prof. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Department of Economics
Michigan State University

“Econometric Issues in Estimating Performance Effects of Spending in K-12 Schools”
“Fixed Effects and Related Estimators for Correlated Random Coefficients and Treatment Effect Panel Data Models”

2003 Prof. Patricia M. Danzon
Department of Health Care Systems
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

“Pricing Pharmaceuticals”
“Reference Pricing of Pharmaceuticals for Medicare:  Evidence from Germany, Netherlands, and New Zealand”

2002 (September) Prof. Burton A. Weisbrod
Department of Economics
Northwestern University

“Health Care Insurance, Technological Change, Quality of Output, and Cost Containment: Can We Have It All?”
“Modeling For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizational Behavior: Applications to Academic Health Centers, Hospices, and Home Care”

2002 (March) Prof. Joshua D. Angrist
Department of Economics

“Achievement Awards for High School Matriculation”
“Resource Allocation in Public Schools: Computers vs. Class Size”

2001 Prof. Joseph E. Harrington
Department of Economics
Johns Hopkins University

“The Use of Game Theory in Economics”
“Optimal Cartel Pricing in the Presence of an Antitrust Authority”


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