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Majors 2016


Hannah Sheffield 2014 photo (1) (1)Hannah Sheffield (’16) is an Economics major with minors in English and Statistics. She first became interested in Economics in her Introduction to Economics course with Dr. Macdonald. This past summer, Hannah received an Undergraduate Student Stipend for Participation in International Conference from the Provost Office of Global Affairs. With the stipend she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for a week and participated in the Academic Council on the United Nations System 2014 Annual Meeting and the International Studies Association 2014 Human Rights and Change conference. At both conferences, she learned of many forms of human rights research from quantitative to qualitative as well as many disciplines. Hannah is interested in applying to doctorate programs in economics and hopes one day to combine her interest in human rights with economic research. She has also been working with Dr. Sovero on a newer research project. The project is working with UCLA data looking at academic performance across various classes and majors and she has been aiding with data entry to help begin the project.


AdamYudelman2Adam Yudelman (’16) is mathematical economics major with a minor in computer science. His interest in economics originates from a First Year Seminar class named Economics in Sports, taught be Dr. Todd McFall, for it bridged Adam’s passions of sports and analysis. Adam is grateful for finding an economics department that encourages him to work outside the classroom and learn beyond the textbook. When not watching or playing sports, Adam is a founding member of the Wake Forest Sports Analytics club, a brother of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, and mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winston-Salem. After graduation, Adam hopes to take his talents to graduate school before pursuing a career in professional sports management. 


Annie HullAnnie Hull (’16) is an Economics major and a sociology minor.  Annie discovered economics in Professor McFall’s “Intro to Economics” class and by the end of the semester knew that she had found her major.  She is fascinated and challenged by how what she learns inside the classroom is applied outside it.  She thinks Economics is fun and is excited about spending the next two years learning from the supportive professors she has met since declaring her major.  On campus Annie is a member of Chi Omega sorority, is a Make A Wish Wish Grantor and is involved with Students Helping Honduras. 


LaurenFormica2Lauren Formica (’16) is an economics major with minors in International Studies, Environmental Studies, and Global Trade and Commerce. She fell in love with the subject after taking her introductory economics class in the fall of her freshman year. After becoming hooked on the material, she pursued two independent studies with two professors which centered on historical economics. She declared her major early because she so enjoyed the fantastic faculty who went out of their way to help her pursue her goals, the engaging material and the applicability of the subject to all aspects of life. She is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and will travel to Nepal this summer in order to pursue economic research.  Lauren is a founding member of the Society of Economics Students and will serve as the President next year. She also serves on the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism Student Advisory Council. During her time at Wake Forest, she has become active in service through the Forsyth Humane Society in Winston-Salem, the Volunteer Service Corps, and Leadership Laureates. In the future, she hopes to work for a think tank as well as pursue a graduate degree.  


Zachary-thomasZachary Thomas (’16) is a Mathematical Economics major with minors in Statistics and possibly Art History. Prior to arriving at Wake, Zachary viewed economics, and later mathematics, as essential to rigorously examining phenomenon from a deep-seated interest in public policy, and he hasn’t looked back since. As a student in the Economics department, Zachary has been thoroughly impressed with the level of engagement he has received from his professors and mentors, in particular with Dr. John Dalton, Dr. Frederick Chen, Dr. Justin Burkett and Dr. Robert Whaples, the last of which he meets with twice a week for Quiz Bowl practice. Zachary has a soft spot for education, completing a summer research project that took him to Slovenia analyzing the impact of MOOCs on higher education, and tentatively plans to pursue a career in data science following graduation. Outside of class, he is also involved with the South Asian Student Association and the Roosevelt Institute. Zachary is immensely grateful for the opportunities this department has afforded him and looks forward to what life has in store. Go Deacs!


chanel-shulmanChanel Shulman (’16) is a double major in economics and psychology. She first became interested in economics after taking Professor Heckelman’s introductory economics course her freshman year. Professor Dalton’s Economics of Health and Medicine course further renewed her interest in the subject. Chanel has found economics to be a very useful tool in everyday life, especially for the comprehension of economic policies, healthcare policies, and general politics. On campus, Chanel has been very involved with Hillel, the Jewish student organization, having served as President. She is also very devoted to interfaith initiatives on campus, particularly through her membership in the Interfaith theme house, and is serving as Campus Outreach Coordinator for the Baptist Student Union. After graduation, Chanel is interested in either entering the field of human resources or another field that is an intersection of psychology and economics.


zoe-lieZhiyu (Zoe) Li (’16) is a double major in Economics and Accounting, who hopes to either go into consulting or audit practice after graduation. She discovered her passion for economics in middle school, when she realized economic theories can explain so many phenomena in daily life. All of the classes Zoe has taken so far (Professor Chen, Professor Dalton, Professor Griffith, and Professor Burkett) solidified her interest for the subject. Zoe has studied in five different countries. At Wake, she is in Alpha Kappa Psi, Wake Forest Student Fund, and Habitat for Humanity. She works as a student official for Intramural Sports, a Student Analyst for the Bridge, and an Economics and Chinese Tutor for Learning Assistant Center. She also takes the opportunity to volunteer in different cities across America during spring break.

Majors 2017



Paulomi-BanerjeePaulomi Banerjee (’17) is a Mathematical Economics major with minors in Statistics and Neuroscience. She initially became interested in economics after taking Professor McDonald’s intro course and her love for the subject was further peaked when she took intermediate macro and micro with Professor Dalton and Professor McFall, respectively. Having loved math since she was a young girl, Paulomi realized how much more she enjoyed it in the context of economics and hopes to pursue graduate studies in a field that bridges the two subjects. On campus, Paulomi is a member of Deacon Dhamaal (the Indian dance team) and Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority. She will be studying abroad in Cambridge in the coming Fall and is very excited to learn about economics from an international perspective.



sarah-rudasillSarah Rudasill (’17) is an economics major with minors in chemistry and health policy and administration. She had always considered economics to be a solid foundation for policy and business, so it was no surprise that she loved the introductory class taught by Dr. Joseph Connors and declared the major. Sarah conducted research with the Anna Julia Cooper Center on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South, exploring the economic impact of a Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act on HIV-positive men and women in the southern United States. She is devoting the summer of 2015 to working at the Economic Policy Research Institute, a think tank in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is developing impact evaluations for child and maternal health programs and producing reports for the United Nations and UNICEF. She will be studying abroad at Cambridge University’s Institute of Economic and Political Studies in Fall 2015. Although uncertain of her future career plans, Sarah is considering careers in health care, including medicine, health care consulting, and hospital administration.


lisa-shaferLisa Shafer (’17) I am an economics major with a minor in statistics. My interest for the field of economics was piqued in a high school Microeconomics class, but the decision to major was confirmed once I delved deeper into Macroeconomcis with Professor Mazumder. I am very interested in the broad-reaching applications of economics, emphasized both by the variety of economic elective courses and the compelling areas of research in which the faculty members of the department are involved. Much of their work serves as an inspiration for me. As a firm pragmatist, I believe that the first step to initiating beneficial change in society to understand the economic logistics of how it can be done. Having decided my major early, I have also been able to investigate and understand further the vital statistics and data collection required for economic research. On campus I am also a PREPARE advocate, member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and volunteer for Campus Kitchen.


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