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Majors 2017

Caroline Mccaroline-mcminn3Minn (’17) is an Economics and Sociology double major. She took intro to Economics in the fall of her sophomore year with Dr. McFall and ended up declaring the major before the end of the semester. Since then, she has taken a variety of courses with Dr. Griffith, Dr. Heckleman and Dr. MacDonald. Her favorite course thus far has been Econometrics with Dr. Griffith. Studying abroad in London during the fall of her junior year allowed Caroline to branch out within the discipline of Economics by taking classes in Behavioral Economics and Developmental Economics through Syracuse University London. Caroline is particularly interested in the overlap that Sociology and Economics have as subject areas and how the combination of social and economic forces can predict human decision making.  Since May 2015, Caroline has been an intern at Johnson & Johnson, working in Global benefits where she has revised corporate policies in addition to researching and proposing several new employee benefits to help attract and retain key talent around the world. On campus, Caroline is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, the Women in Economics club and a campus kitchen volunteer.

Anna WinglerAnna Wingler (’17) is a Mathematical Economics major with a minor in Statistics. She began studying engineering at Virginia Tech, but decided to switch to economics after a Microeconomics class her sophomore year. She transferred to Wake and decided on Mathematical Economics because of her interest in math, statistics, and how they relate to the economy. Her favorite classes have been Microeconomics I with Dr. McFall and Macroeconomics with Dr. Dalton. During the summer of 2016, Anna is working with Aladdin Travel, Brite Engineering Consultants, and assisting Dr. Sovero with her research on grade inflation. On campus she is a member of the Women in Economics club and Golden Key Honor Society.

zoe-lieZhiyu (Zoe) Li (’17) is a double major in Economics and Accounting, who hopes to either go into consulting or audit practice after graduation. She discovered her passion for economics in middle school, when she realized economic theories can explain so many phenomena in daily life. All of the classes Zoe has taken so far (Professor Chen, Professor Dalton, Professor Griffith, and Professor Burkett) solidified her interest for the subject. Zoe has studied in five different countries. At Wake, she was in Alpha Kappa Psi, Wake Forest Student Fund, and Habitat for Humanity. She worked as a student official for Intramural Sports, a Student Analyst for the Bridge, and an Economics and Chinese Tutor for Learning Assistant Center. She also took the opportunity to volunteer in different cities across America during spring break.

Jeff Zwick headshotJeff Zwick (’17) is an Economics major with minors in Statistics and Global Trade & Commerce. He first became interested in Economics freshman year during his introductory course with Dr. MacDonald. He has enjoyed a couple of Economics courses in particular over the years including Dr. Chen’s Intermediate Macroeconomics II and Dr. Richardson’s Economic Growth and Development. Due to the latter class, he is currently most interested in Development Economics. Jeff has studied abroad twice. First, during Spring 2015 at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Economic and Political Studies, and second in Freiburg, Germany during Spring 2016 in an intensive program on the European Union. On campus, he is a member of Wake Forest’s Fed Challenge Team and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity. In the future, Jeff hopes to pursue a career in strategy consulting and would like to continue to travel the world.

David Johnson PictureDavid Johnson (’17) is an Economics major with minors in Chemistry and Health Policy and Administration. As a premedical student, he has always understood the value of business in the medical field.  Taking Introduction to Economics with Dr. Whaples immediately piqued his interest in economics and it was further solidified after taking Microeconomics I with Dr. Flanagan.  During the summer of 2015, David was awarded the ACC-IAC Collaborative Research Fellowship to conduct biomedical research at the University of Pittsburgh, where he grew and analyzed Chinese Hamster ovary cells to determine  the effect of myoglobin on oxygen consumption rates.  During the summer of 2016 David will be in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.  He will be conducting research in the Department of Drug Discovery, analyzing the effects of chemotherapy drugs and their ability to potentially treat hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common form of liver cancer.  On campus, David is a Resident Adviser, Tutor for the Learning Assistance Center, Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society, member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society and Vice President of MEDLIFE.  After graduation, David hopes to attend medical school and also potentially obtain a Master’s in Business Administration.


Paulomi-BanerjeePaulomi Banerjee (’17) is a Mathematical Economics major with minors in Statistics and Neuroscience. She initially became interested in economics after taking Professor McDonald’s intro course and her love for the subject was further peaked when she took intermediate macro and micro with Professor Dalton and Professor McFall, respectively. Having loved math since she was a young girl, Paulomi realized how much more she enjoyed it in the context of economics and hopes to pursue graduate studies in a field that bridges the two subjects. On campus, Paulomi is a member of Deacon Dhamaal (the Indian dance team) and Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority. She will be studying abroad in Cambridge in the coming Fall and is very excited to learn about economics from an international perspective.


sarah-rudasillSarah Rudasill (’17) is an economics major with minors in chemistry and health policy and administration. She had always considered economics to be a solid foundation for policy and business, so it was no surprise that she loved the introductory class taught by Dr. Joseph Connors and declared the major. Sarah conducted research with the Anna Julia Cooper Center on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South, exploring the economic impact of a Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act on HIV-positive men and women in the southern United States. She is devoting the summer of 2015 to working at the Economic Policy Research Institute, a think tank in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is developing impact evaluations for child and maternal health programs and producing reports for the United Nations and UNICEF. She will be studying abroad at Cambridge University’s Institute of Economic and Political Studies in Fall 2015. Although uncertain of her future career plans, Sarah is considering careers in health care, including medicine, health care consulting, and hospital administration.

lisa-shaferLisa Shafer (’17) is an economics major with a minor in statistics. Her interest for the field of economics was piqued in a high school Microeconomics class, but the decision to major was confirmed once she delved deeper into Macroeconomcis with Professor Mazumder. Lisa is very interested in the broad-reaching applications of economics, emphasized both by the variety of economic elective courses and the compelling areas of research in which the faculty members of the department are involved. Much of their work serves as an inspiration for her. As a firm pragmatist, she believes that the first step to initiating beneficial change in society is to understand the economic logistics of how it can be done. Having decided her major early, Lisa has also been able to investigate and understand further the vital statistics and data collection required for economic research. On campus she is also a PREPARE advocate, member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and volunteer for Campus Kitchen.


Majors 2018

RaRachel Molitor photochel Molitor (’18) is a double major in Economics and Biology. She knew she wanted to pursue economics at Wake after having too much fun studying for AP Macro and Micro in high school. Even though she is a premedical student, she continues to enjoy her economics classes most of all, inspired by the freakonomics trend of applying economic theory to anything and everything. On campus, she is a member of the Wake Forest Dance Company, public speaking chair in Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a dog walking enthusiast. Rachel spent her previous summer studying abroad in Tours, France. She enjoys finding excuses to discuss application of economics to daily life, and overuses the phrase “this is why economists should run the world”. She currently works in the department of gerontology at Wake Forest Baptist Health, and when she inevitably becomes a successful anesthesiologist, she hopes to contribute her economical insight to her workplace via leadership positions.

BraBrandon Hawkinsndon Hawkins (’18) is a double major in Economics and Philosophy. Her interest in social justice issues motivated her to study economics. She figured that a solid foundation in the field would give her the tools to excel at an NGO or government organization where she could work to promote greater social justice. Taking Econometrics with Dr. Griffith solidified Brandon’s desire to major in economics because it showed Brandon the applicable nature of economics. During the summer of 2016, Brandon interned at the Akilah Institute. The Akilah Institute is an NGO that provides women in Rwanda with access to higher education so they can become financially independent and spur the growth of the Rwandan economy. Brandon spent her summer working in their Development office located in Brooklyn, NY. After her incredible experience with the Akilah Institute, Brandon is excited to spend her Junior year abroad studying Economics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Beyond her interest in Economics, Brandon is a fundraising co-chair for DESK, a community service event, a Young Life leader, and a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.

Ella AndrewElla Andrew (’18) is an Economics and Psychology double major with a minor in Theater.  Ella is interested in the intersection between Psychology and Economics, and decided to major after taking Dr. McFalls’s Intermediate Microeconomics class where she was first introduced to the concept of Behavioral Economics.  It was truly the faculty of the Economics department that encouraged her to major, from classes with Dr. Heckelman, Dr. McFall and Dr. MacDonald or “Prof MacD” as he asked to be called.  With an additional interest in the arts, Ella will be studying away in New York City for Fall 2016 and is excited to explore the businesses behind arts organizations. On campus Ella is a tour guide, a Student Adviser, involved in the theater organization and a member of Kappa Delta sorority.

Lilly GaetoLilly Gaeto (’18) is an Economics major with a Political Science minor. She initially took the Introduction to Economics course with Dr. Heckelman to fulfill a divisional requirement, but she quickly discovered her passion for the subject. She became fascinated with the way economic policy can affect politics and government operations. Taking Intermediate Macroeconomics with Dr. Mazumder reinforced her decision to pursue a degree as well as a career in Economics. Lilly is also a member of the Wake Forest Fed Challenge Team, which is in its second year at Wake Forest. The team’s season will begin in October and involves researching and presenting policy recommendations to judges as if they were the Federal Open Market Committee. Lilly is also excited about beginning an independent study project under the direction of Dr. Mazumder in the fall. The project will focus on the reliability of market and labor predictions made by members of the FOMC in public speeches. Beyond her study of Economics, Lilly is a member of the Student Advising Leadership Council, serves as an Ambassador in Admissions, is the Scholarship Chair of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and is involved in RUF campus ministry. She spent her summer studying comparative politics throughout Europe with the Wake Forest EuroTour while simultaneously cheering on the Chicago Cubs!

Hunter HaleHunter Hale (’18) is a double major in Mathematical Statistics and Economics.  He began to consider studying economics prior to coming to Wake Forest and discovered a deeper interest for it after taking an introductory course with Dr Heckelman and Intermediate Macroeconomics with Dr. Wood.  Soon after taking courses at Wake Forest he began to enjoy the wide-ranging application of economics and put them into practice outside of the classroom.  As a member of one of Wake Forest’s COMAP teams, he introduced an economic perspective that, combined with his teammates’ science backgrounds, helped them earn the distinction of meritorious winner for their model of water scarcity.  He also participates as a member of Wake Forest’s Fed Challenge Team where he and his teammates examine monetary policy in further depth.  Due to his experiences within and outside of the classroom, he is particularly interested in monetary policy, environmental economics, and the economics of healthcare. After graduation, Hunter plans to pursue graduate studies in statistics, and later, a career as a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry or in a field of economic analysis.


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