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B.A.- Texas (Austin), Economics ,1981
Ph.D.-Iowas State University, Economics,1986 

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Curriculum Vitae

I did my undergraduate work in Economics (with a Philosophy Minor) at the University of Texas (1981) and my Ph.D. in Economics at Iowa State University (1986).  I came to Wake Forest in 1986.  In 1991, I was a Faculty Visitor in Economics at Cambridge University and was a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall College, Cambridge.  In 1994-95 I was a Visiting Associate Professor of Economics at Duke University. In 2001 I served as an Adjunct Professor of Health Economics in the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 1998 I have had a cross appointment in Social Science and Health Policy Section of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Wake Forest School of Medicine.  I am also the Director of the Interdisciplinary Minor in Health Policy and Administration (since 1999). 

My research interests are mainly in the History of Economics, Macroeconomics and The Economics of Health and Medicine.  I have written extensively on the work of John Maynard Keynes. In 2003 I published The Economics of Keynes in Historical Context: Studies in the Development of the General Theory, with Palgrave Publishers, London. Currently I am at work on a history of American Pragmatism and its relevance to economics.  I have also investigated with my colleagues Allin Cottrell and John Wood, the causes of, and policy issues surrounding, bank failures in the United States. My Health Economics research has included papers on the economics of academic medical centers, the economic and policy issues surrounding prescription drug use, the economic aspects of new biotechnology and the physician job market under managed care.

In 1987, along with Ian Taplin from the Sociology Department, I started an interdisciplinary research symposium at Wake Forest.  The Social Science Research Seminar has now become a permanent forum for members of the various social science faculties to meet and discuss invited research papers.

My teaching areas include Principles of Economics, Economic Data Analysis, Economic Philosophers, The History of Economics, Preparation for Research, Quantitative Methods, Economics Honors and The Economics of Health and Medicine.

My major passion, outside my family and economics, is a late blooming career as a country, folk and blues guitarist. Someday I hope be able to play at least one Charlie Patton song as well as Allin Cottrell.  My wife, Jan, and I have two daughters, Emma and Moria.


ECN 240 – “The Economics of Health and Medicine”
ECN 262 – “The History of Economic Thought”
ECN 150 – “Intoduction to Economics
HPA 250 – “Internship in Health Policy and Administration”




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