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Assistant Professor

B.A.- Cambridge University
M.A.- Cambridge University/Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D.-Johns Hopkins University 

Telephone: (336) 758-4519
Office: 216 Kirby Hall


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Curriculum Vitae

“My research interests are in macroeconomics, monetary economics, time-series econometrics, and international monetary economics. In particular my recent papers and publications have focused on examining macroeconomic models of inflation dynamics. Specifically, my research has focused on the applicability of both traditional and New Keynesian Phillips curves to explaining past inflation behavior, as well as making forecasts of future inflation. My research agenda also includes open economy macroeconomic issues, where I have examined the impact of globalization on inflation processes. In the near future I hope to examine price change-output tradeoffs at the global level as well.” 



ECN 201 Applied Econometrics

ECN 207 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECN 252 International Finance



“The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the Cyclicality of Marginal Cost,” Journal of Macroeconomics, 32(3), 747-765, (2010).

“Derivation of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve,” Applied Economics Research Bulletin Peer-Reviewed Working Paper Series, (Fall 2010) (with A.F. Cottrell).

“The Long-Run Relationship Between Inflation and the Markup in the U.S,” Economics Bulletin, 31(1), 473-484, (2011).

“Inflation and Marginal Cost: On The Importance of Their Covariance,” Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming (available on iFirst), (2011).

“The Evolution of Inflation Dynamics and the Great Recession,” Brookings Papers on Economic Activty (Forthcoming), (2011) (with L. Ball)



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