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The Education Department main office is located in Tribble Hall, room B201.
General questions may be directed to

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Department Faculty
Name Position/Title Email Address Phone Number
Dr. Scott Baker Associate Professor
Foundations of Education 336-758-5346
Laura Bilton Clinical Visiting Instructor 336-758-6151
Dr. Alan Brown Assistant Professor
Director, Secondary Education
Coordinator, English Education 336-758-5460
Dr. Brian Calhoun Assistant Professor of the Practice 336-758-6501
Dr. Ann Cunningham Associate Professor
Technology 336-758-4969
Dr. Pat Cunningham Professor
Elementary Education 336-758-5583
Dr. Sarah Fick Assistant Professor
Director, Science Education 336-758-5499
Dr. Adam Friedman Chair
Associate Professor
Social Studies Education 336-758-5507
Dr. Leah McCoy Professor
Graduate Program Director
Coordinator, Math Education 336-758-5498
Dr. Joe Milner Professor Emeritus 336-758-5525
Dr. Donal Mulcahy Assistant Professor
Director, Elementary Education 336-758-2451
Dr. Linda Nielsen Professor
Educational Psychology 336-758-5345
Dr. Mary Lynn Redmond Professor
Coordinator, Foreign Language Education 336-758-5347
Dr. Heidi Robinson Associate Professor of the Practice 336-758-5812
Dr. Ali Sakkal Instructor  336-758-5328
Department Staff
Name Position/Title Email Address Phone Number
Ms. Robin Hawkins Administrative Coordinator 336-758-5341
Mrs. Cindy O’Hagan Curriculum Materials Center 336-758-5525
Mrs. Tracy Stegman Licensure Officer 336-758-5990
Mr. Robert Vidrine Instructional Technology Consultant 336-758-3954
Ms. Mandy Christman Research Associate 336-758-2340


You may mail any member of the department at the following address:

Department of Education
P.O. Box 7266
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109