English Education Student Receives Richter Scholarship to Engage in Research in Europe

Andrew Waszkowski, a graduate student in English education, was recently awarded a Richter Scholarship from WFU’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This summer, Andrew will be conducting research on positive classroom community formation in various multicultural international schools in France, Germany, and Belgium. For more information, see Andrew’s abstract below.

Today’s educators face the significant challenge of building community and solidarity among economically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students in the classroom. Recent research suggests that the construction of positive classroom communities, defined by positive emotional climates and positive student relationships, leads to increased academic achievement and student engagement. One of the most challenging locations to form classroom community exists within the culturally and linguistically diverse settings of international schools. The purpose of this project is to conduct an in-depth exploration of how multiple international schools in Europe construct classroom community among their multinational, multilingual, multicultural, and transient student populations.