New Graduate Students Begin Program

On June 2, twenty-one new graduate students began their master’s studies in Teacher Education. Students are from seven different states and they are studying secondary and K-12 education.

English 2014
English 2014: Stephen Langford, Jessica Carr, Rachel Koval, Quentin Collie, Julia Means, Robert Ciarrocca, Lindsay Schneider
FLanguage 2014
Foreign Language 2014: Virginia Browne, Sarah DeMatte, Spencer Willis, Dara Rosenkrantz
Math 2014
Math 2014: Austin Love, Thomas Flood, Kalyn Wycoff
SS group 2014
Social Studies 2014: Cody Puckett, Jake Reynolds, Lydia Adkins, Brandon Hubbard-Heitz, Jacob Leonard
Science 2014
Science 2014: Alex Dell’Aringa, Rachel Key, Isabel Storch