English Education Students Present at National Conference


Dr. Alan Brown with students Tiffany Newsome and Michael Short at NCTE 2012.
Dr. Alan Brown (second from left) with students Tiffany Newsome (second from right) and Michael Short (far right) at the National Conference of Teachers of English, November 2012.

Two English education students from the Department of Education presented their work at a national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the weekend of November 16, 2012.  Tiffany Newsome, an undergraduate English major, and Michael Short, a graduate student in English education, presented at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of English in sessions co-chaired by Dr. Alan Brown.

Tiffany Newsome presented with Dr. Joseph Milner at a large roundtable session entitled The Intersection of Sport, Education, and Society.  Their talk was titled “Approaching Issues of Racism and Homelessness with Maniac Magee.”

Michael Short presented at a separate session entitled The Future is Now: Connecting with the Next Generation of English Teacher Educators.

Michael Short taking part in a conference roundtable.
Michael Short (second from right) taking part in a conference roundtable.

  Michael, the only master’s level student to present research among nineteen other doctoral students from across the nation, showcased his forthcoming action research project, which has grown out of his previous experience with environmental studies and a more recent multigenre inquiry project in ELA methods.  The title of his talk was “Refuge or Refuse? Exploring Sense of Place and Social Justice in a Landfill.”  For more information about Michael’s work, see his web site: http://bit.ly/MultigenreTrash.

Tiffany Newsome with Dr. Joseph Milner preparing for their roundtable discussion.
Tiffany Newsome (middle) with Dr. Joseph Milner (right) preparing for their roundtable discussion.