Joe Milner to Give Keynote Address at National Council of Teachers of English Conference in November

Dr. Joseph Milner is one of four teacher educators to be invited to keynote a session entitled ‘Eight Great American YA Novelists’ at this year’s annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of English in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, November 16th.  Dr. Milner, co-editor of Bridging English, will join Jeffrey Wilhelm (author of You Gotta BE the Book: Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading with Adolescents), John Noell Moore (author of Interpreting Young Adult Literature: Literary Theory in the Secondary Classroom), and Jeffrey Kaplan (co-editor of Teaching Young Adult Literature Today: Insights, Considerations, and Perspectives for the Classroom Teacher) in providing insights on the past, present, and future of young adult literature and its place in both American literature and secondary classrooms.  The session is co-chaired by Dr. Alan Brown of Wake Forest University and Dr. Carol Pope of North Carolina State University.