Graduate Course Information

The following are current courses in the department.


654. Content Pedagogy (3) Methods, materials, and techniques used in teaching particular secondary subjects (English, mathematics, science, second languages, social studies).

654L. Content Pedagogy Rounds. Practical experiences in classrooms with focus on pedagogy and content. Weekly public school experi­ence and seminar. Pass/Fail only.

664L. Student Teaching Internship. (9) Supervised teaching internship in grades 9-12 (K-12 for foreign language). Full-time, 15-week field experience. Pass/ Fail only.

665. Professional Development Seminars. Analysis and discussion of problems and issues in secondary school teaching. Examination of research and practice-based strategies. Pass/Fail only.

674. Student Teaching Seminar. (1.5) Analysis and discussion of practical problems and issues in the teaching of particular secondary subjects (English, mathematics, science, second languages, social stud­ies). Emphasis is on the application of contemporary instructional methods and materials. Includes prior (intercession) 20 hours field experience requirement.

687. Tutoring Basic Writing. (2) Review of recent writing theory applicable to teaching basic writers (including the learning disabled and non-native speakers). Special attention to invention strategies and heuristic techniques. Includes experience with tutoring in the Writing Center. (Credit not allowed for both EDU 387 and ENG 387.)

690. Methods and Materials for Teaching Foreign Language (K-6). (3) Survey of the basic materials, methods, and techniques of teaching foreign languages in the elementary and middle grades. Emphasis is on issues and problems involved in planning and implementing effective second language programs in grades K-6. Spring only.

707. Educational Policy and Practice. (3) Examination of the impact of race, ethnicity, and social class on educational achievement and attainment, including consideration of philosophical, historical, and sociological issues.

712. Learning and Cognitive Science. (3) Examination of patterns of human development, as well as theories and principles of cognition applied to teaching and learning.

715. Action Research I. (3) Individual research planning for action research study on a specific pedagogical topic in a school setting. Includes definition of research problem, literature review, and proposal for collection of field data and reporting of results.

716. Professional Growth Seminar. (2) Reflection and self-evaluation of student teaching experience and definition of professional goals.

717. Instructional Design, Assessment and Technology. (3) Introduction to contemporary technologies and their applications for supporting instruction, assessment, professional practice, and school leadership.

721. Educational Research. (3) Theory, construction, and procedures of empirical research dealing with educational issues of teaching and learning. Analysis and evaluation of published research studies.

725. Action Research II. Reporting of results of action research study on pedagogical topic. Includes oral and written presentations.

730L. Service Learning: Tutoring. Practical experiences in classrooms with focus on tutoring and assisting with preparation for standardized testing. Includes field work and reflection. Pass/Fail only.

733. Supervision of Instruction. (3) Analysis of various techniques of supervision: orientation of teachers, in-service education, classroom observation, individual follow-up conferences, ways to evaluate instruction, and methods for initiating changes.

747. Research and Trends in the Teaching of Foreign Languages. (3) Study of current trends and issues in foreign language education. Research topics include language and linguistics, culture, and technology.

758. Studies in Educational Leadership. (2) Examination of contemporary leadership theory and its various applications in education.

764. Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction. (3) Exploration of special topics in the field of curriculum and instruction.

781. Methodology and Research. (3) Advanced study of the methods and materials of a specific discipline (English, French, Spanish, social studies, mathematics, science) in the curriculum with special attention directed to the basic research in the discipline. Includes 20 hours field experience/project.

787. Teaching Advanced Placement. (2 or 3) Investigation of the content of and the pedagogy appropriate to advanced placement courses in the various disciplines. A. English Literature and Composition; B. Calculus; C. English Language and Composition; J. Chemistry; L. U.S. Government and Politics; M. Psychology; I. U.S. History. Offered in summer only.

788. Teaching Foreign Languages in the Elementary Grades. (2) Intensive period of observation and instruction in an elementary school setting with a foreign language specialist. Methods for development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness using content-based instruction and thematic units.