Emergency Contingency Plans

Departmental Contingency Plans by Professor

In the event that the University is closed for any emergency, including a flu pandemic, students will be expected to continue their coursework to the best of their ability. To facilitate this, each professor has outlined the procedure they expect their students to follow in order to not fall behind in their coursework. These plans may have already been discussed in those courses, and are also provided here.

NOTE: In the event that a flu pandemic does strike the United States, the Internet may become clogged with traffic, and therefore become unusable. At the first sign that an emergency situation such as a flu pandemic may force closure of the University, students should ensure that they have downloaded all course materials necessary to complete their studies.

Dr. Scott Baker

Dr. Alan Brown

Dr. Ann Cunningham

Dr. Pat Cunningham

Mr. Adam Dovico

Dr. Adam Friedman

Dr. Leah McCoy

Dr. Linda Nielsen

Dr. Mary Lynn Redmond

Dr. Sarah Fick

Dr. Emma Thacker