Contingency Plans – Dr. Milner

Contingency Plans for Dr. Joseph Milner

English Methods: EDU 654/354

Course Completion in Case of Emergency

A Pandemic or other emergency situation that causes you to leave campus for an extended period of time will mean that our course in English Methods will need to be completed on an individual basis. You should accordingly read each chapter in Bridging English, complete the Invitations to Reflection in writing in the text, complete three Teaching Activities or as many as the chapters contain, create two fully developed lessons plans for the Teaching Opportunities you are assigned, teach one of these in a nearby school if possible, develop a ten day Learning Sequence on the topic Happiness, and complete the final exam I will send you.

Syllabus for EDU 354/654 – English Methods

All assignments are due on the date established in the syllabus and should be mailed to me on that date at the address below for my review and return you.

Joseph O. Milner
PO Box 7266
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109