Contingency Plans – Dr. Pat Cunningham

Contingency Plans for Dr. Patricia Cunningham

Pandemic Plans for Fall 2007
Teaching Elementary Language Arts – EDU 294
Elementary School Curriculum – EDU 293

In the event of a pandemic that necessitates continued instruction at a distance from the university, the following plans for students should be followed in order to continue instruction and complete course requirements with a limited amount of disruption.

All students are enrolled in the EDU 294 and EDU 293 Blackboard Courses. All information about the courses will be placed in Blackboard for students to access at any time. Students should download ALL materials placed in Blackboard in the event that a pandemic limits internet access.

If internet access is available, students should complete assignments and reflections according to the schedule listed on the syllabus and submit them to the digital drop box. If internet access is limited, assignments and reflections should be mailed to my home address.

Pat Cunningham
811 Leigh Drive
Gibsonville, NC
(336) 449-6961