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The Department of Education uses Google Analytics to track visitors to our site, to help us improve the experience for our visitors. This is done by setting a cookie in your web browser which Google uses to collect information about where you go within our site. Although this cookie may be detected by antivirus or anti-spyware software, we do not collect any information which would allow us to identify you personally. Acceptance of this cookie is completely optional and does not affect the functioning of our site. If you prefer, feel free to refuse or delete this cookie.

Registrations and credit card payments to the Advanced Placement Summer Institute:

During the registration process for the Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI), the department collects information about the participant, such as name, address, phone number, email address and similar information about the participant’s home school. This information is collected solely for the purposes of contacting the participant or their school of employment in order to deliver materials related to the course for which they’ve registered, payment receipts related to their registration, and other official tasks related directly to conducting the Advanced Placement Summer Institute. This information is not sold or shared with anyone outside of Wake Forest University.

All credit card information is processed through a secure, third-party credit card processor (Elavon). No information about the participant is shared with the credit card processor. The only information about the participant received by the credit card processor is that which is submitted by the participant themselves, during the process of registering for the Advanced Placement Summer Institute. All credit card transactions submitted for the APSI are done so through this secure third-party entity, and the complete credit card information is only stored in their secure system, designed specifically to protect this sensitive information. Only a transaction receipt is available to Department of Education staff.