Secondary Education or Second Language Teacher Education Program Admission Procedures

The information below outlines steps required for formal application to any of the Secondary Education or Second Language Licensure Programs. Please read this information carefully and follow all steps that apply to your program of interest.

All application requirements outlined below must be completed prior to April 1st of the junior year. Candidates are strongly encouraged to begin the process early. Candidates should be advised that an incomplete application may result in instructors not granting the necessary POI for class registration in EDU 354: Content Pedagogy.

Applications to the TEP programs are managed through the Education Department’s Licensure Office. Please direct any questions to: Tracy Stegman.

Entrance into the Secondary Education or Second Language Licensure programs requires successful completion (including positive recommendations from class instructors) of the following prerequisite courses: EDU 201, EDU 201L, EDU 311 and EDU 309L. Candidates must also have and maintain at least a 2.70 GPA throughout the program.

Secondary Education and Second Language Application Requirements

1.      Content Coordinator Recommendation. Candidates should schedule an interview with the appropriate Department of Education Content Coordinator as listed below. Candidates should bring the Interview/Recommendation form to the meeting with the Content Coordinator. The Content Coordinator will complete the form and return it to the Licensure Officer.

English Dr. Alan Brown Tribble B202
Social Studies Dr. Adam Friedman Tribble B213
Science Dr. Sarah Fick Tribble B204
Math Dr. Leah McCoy Tribble B 215
Second Language* Dr. Mary Lynn Redmond Tribble B205

2.    Candidates should complete the online Teacher Education Application Form.

3.    Declare the Education Minor. Candidates may declare the minor during major/minor declaration by signing up in the Education Office (Tribble B201). If you are declaring at any other time, you will need to submit the minor declaration paperwork to the Registrar’s office.

4.    Major Content Area Professor Recommendation. Submit the interview with a Major Content Area Professor form to your major professor for approval.  Your major professor will complete the form and return it to the Licensure Officer.

5.     Provide Evidence of Meeting NC State Testing Requirements.

*Attention Second Language Candidates

 In addition to the steps outlined above Second Language candidates must also complete:

Oral Interviews. Candidates pursuing licensure in Second Language (French, German, and Spanish) are required to complete two oral interviews in the target language prior to admission to the TEP. Oral Interview I is to be completed at the time the major is declared, and Oral Interview II is to be completed by the end of the spring semester (prior to April 1st) of the junior year. Candidates should schedule an interview with an adviser in the language department. Bring the Interview form to the interview and leave it with the adviser. The adviser will submit comments about your language ability to the Licensure Officer.

Applicants to the undergraduate program for Foreign Language must also submit an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) certificate with the application (  Please contact Language Testing International ( to set up an interview.

Formal Acceptance

After the application materials are received by the Department of Education, candidates will receive a letter stating the decision on their application. There are three responses: formal acceptance, rejection, or acceptance deferred. The deferred decision includes the conditions for formal acceptance. The Department of Education does have an Irregular Admissions Committee to review requests for students needing provisional admittance into the programs.