Elementary Course Information

Wake Forest Students who would like to be certified to teach in elementary classrooms must major in Education and minor in any department or earn a concentration* in Spanish, French, or German.

Prior to formal admission to the program, students must take the following courses:

  • EDU 201 Educational Policy and Practice (3h)
  • EDU 201L Field Lab I (2h)
  • EDU 311 Learning and Cognitive Science (3h)

In addition to or as part of lower division requirements, all education majors take at least one course in science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics), one course in mathematics, and ANT 111.

Elementary Education students should be formally admitted to the program by January 1st of their Junior year.

Upon formal admission to the Education Program, students will complete the following course of study:

Spring Junior Year

  • EDU 205 A – Developing Literacy and Communication Skills in Elementary Schools, K-2 (2h)
  • EDU 205 B – Developing Literacy and Communication Skills in Elementary Schools, 3-6 (2h)
  • EDU 307 – Instructional Design, Assessment, and Technology (3h)
  • EDU 203 – Methodology and Management Lab (2h)
  • EDU 295 – Teaching Elementary Social Studies (2h)
  • EDU 296 – Elementary Mathematics Methods: Inquiry Teaching and Learning (3h)
  • EDU 298 – Elementary Science Methods: Inquiry Teaching and Learning (3h)

Fall Senior Year

  • EDU 293 – Elementary School Curriculum (2h)
  • EDU 206 – Assessment for Positive Student Outcomes (2h)
  • EDU 250 – Student Teaching/Seminar: Elementary (10h)

Spring Senior Year

  • EDU 300 – School Collaboration, Service, and Leadership (1h)
  • EDU 312 – Teaching Exceptional Children (3h)