Secondary Education – English (9-12)

Sara Schubert



Prospective secondary English teachers will major in English and minor in Education.

 The following content courses are required for completing the undergraduate minor.

The licensure minor is 30 hours and leads to a North Carolina teaching license. Education courses include the following:


EDU 201 (Policy & Practice) and EDU 201L
EDU 311 (Learning & Cognitive Sciece) and EDU 311L
EDU 307 (Design, Assessment, & Technology)
EDU 354 (Content Pedagogy) and EDU 354L (Clinical Rounds)
EDU 364 (Student Teaching)
EDU 365 (Professional Development Seminars)

The non-licensure minor is 18 hours and does not include student teaching. Students will take the courses listed above with the exception of EDU 364 (9 hours) and EDU 365 (3 hours).

The major in English requires a minimum of 30 hours in English courses above ENG 111, at least 24 hours of which must be in advanced language and literature courses above the 300 level. Undergraduate majors must also complete courses in the following areas:

Shakespeare: 3 hours
British Literature before 1800: 6 hours
American Literature (not including ENG 175): 3 hours
Major Seminar (ENG 300): 3 hours
Writing (210 or higher): 3 hours
Linguistics (or Grammar; above 300 level): 3 hours
Multicultural or World Literature (above 300 level): 3 hours

Students are encouraged, but not required, to take EDU 231 (Adolescent Literature) during the second summer session.

Graduate Students


At the graduate level, students complete the MTF/MTA program in 13 months, including a semester of student teaching for MTFs. Potential applicants must have at least 24 credit hours in advanced English prior to admission to be considered highly qualified. These credit hours should include at least one course in each of the following areas:

British Literature before 1800 (two courses)
American Literature
Major Seminar
Multicultural or World Literature

For more information about admissions, see the Graduate Program Admissions Information tab.

English Coordinator: Dr. Alan Brown    Dr. Alan Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Education