Foreign Language Education

(French, German, Spanish) (K-12)

Foreign Language Education classroom.

The following are the content courses required for completing the undergraduate minor.  The same or equivalent courses are required for admission to the Master’s program. The Department of Education offers Master’s degrees in Spanish and French foreign language education..

Prospective K-12 foreign language teachers major in the foreign language and minor in Education.

The Licensure minor is 30 hours and leads to a North Carolina teaching license. The Non-licensure minor, which does not include student teaching, is 18 hours.

French: A minimum of 27 hours of French courses numbered above French 214 including French 216, 315 or 350, 319, 320, 322, 370, one of the genre courses: 363, 364 or 365, and two additional courses.

Spanish: A minimum of 27 hours of Spanish courses, including Spanish 317, 318, 319 or 319L, 322, 324; plus 3 hours from each of the following groups:

Peninsular or Transatlantic courses: 330-359
Transatlantic or Spanish-American courses: 350-379
Any area numbered 330-379.

Students must also take 3 additional hours from courses numbered 216 and above.

German: A minimum of nine courses beyond German 153, to include one course from the sequence of 210, 212, or 214(Vienna); 317, 320 or 321, 399, and at least one course from the sequence 349, 381, 383, 385.

Applicants to the undergraduate program for Foreign Language must also contact ACTFL ( to setup an Oral Proficiency Interview before application to the program. The official OPI certificate should be submitted with the application.

Foreign Language Coordinator: Dr. Mary Lynn RedmondDr. Mary Lynn Redmond