Social Studies Education

Secondary Education – Social Studies (9-12)

The following are the content courses required for completing the undergraduate minor. The same or equivalent courses are required for admission to the Master’s program.

The Licensure minor is 30 hours and leads to a North Carolina teaching license. The Non-licensure minor, which does not include student teaching, is 18 hours.

Minimum of 30 hours of core discipline courses:

  • US History: 6 hours.
  • European/Western History: 6 hours.
  • Nonwestern History: 6 hours.
  • Political Science: 3 hours. Recommended–POL 113
  • Economics: 3 hours.
  • Geography: 3 hours. Required–ANT 111
  • Anthroplogy or Sociology: 3 hours.

Social Studies Coordinator: Dr. Adam FriedmanAdan Friedman