Welcome to Our Department

Our department is committed to welcoming all those who are interested in learning more about engineering and our unique approach to educating the future engineer.  As one of the newest undergraduate programs in the nation, we are committed to establishing the best undergraduate engineering experience that is grounded in the unique and authentic liberal arts ideals of Wake Forest University.  Combining engineering with liberal arts ideals is not unique even though such a combination is also not the norm for undergraduate engineering education.  What is unique at Wake Forest Engineering is how this integration between liberal arts ideals and engineering ideals will take place.  We invite you to join us in this journey of exploration, innovation, and implementation.  Together, we will build an undergraduate engineering program that is unprecedented.

Our Mission

The mission of the engineering major is to educate students in an engineering curriculum that embraces and supports the unique culture of Wake Forest by combining the liberal arts core, innovative entrepreneurship, and engineering.  The program provides an undergraduate engineering education that embodies the teacher-scholar ideal, emphasizing the close faculty-student engagement that is the hallmark of the Wake Forest community.  Our goal is to attract enthusiastic students from around the US and the world who will make important contributions to solving society’s most pressing problems, fulfilling the Pro Humanitate motto of Wake Forest University.