Course Descriptions

The planned course offerings from the Department of Engineering for the 2017-2018 academic year are:

EGR 111. Introduction to Engineering Thinking and Practice. (4h) Introduction to the study and practice of engineering, systems thinking, design, research, creative and analytical problem solving practices, and engineering for humanity.

EGR 112. Introduction to Engineering Measurement and Analysis. (4h) Exploration of tools, processes, and quantitative and qualitative analysis for modern engineering practice.

EGR 211. Materials and Mechanics. (4h) Fundamentals of materials and mechanics for engineering applications. P-PHY 113, EGR 111, EGR 112, MST 111. C-MST 112.

EGR 212. Transport Phenomena. (4h) Engineering fundamentals in conservation and transport of mass, energy, and momentum. P-PHY 113, EGR 111, EGR 112, MST 111. C-MST 112.

EGR 281. Introductory Projects with Engineering. (1h-4h) Specialized and focused learning via experiential projects. May be repeated for credit.

EGR 301. Special Topics in Engineering. (1h-4h) Seminar and/or lecture and/or project-based and/or laboratory courses in selected topics. May be repeated if the course title changes.

EGR 381. Research. (1h-4h) Research project conducted individually with a research mentor. May be repeated for credit.

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