Prospective Students

Have you ever wondered how micro-organisms move? Have you ever dreamed about making cities more livable? Have you ever had an idea for making solar power more reliable?

Engineering tasks today require more than simply a strong problem solving skill set. Today’s engineer must be agile in identifying needs and opportunities that require the design and implementation of realistic solutions to real problems that impact real people. The problems that we face today are ill-defined and complex, so engineering students and graduates must be able to think in systems, develop alternative solutions or approaches, and work with diverse partners. As a global society, we need liberal arts engineers today and in our future more than ever before.

A liberal arts engineer is able to incorporate fundamental knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines, including the arts, humanities, and social sciences, into engineering practice. This breadth and depth of knowledge leads to innovation because the approach to problem finding and problem solving utilizes the integration of diverse knowledge, perspective, and skills, with the outcome being more innovative and yielding a more positive impact on humanity. This is a liberal arts engineer. This is the Wake Engineer.

Engineering 111 Project Expo 2018
Wake Forest students in Engineering 111 hold a Project Expo to display their work during the semester, including chairs made from cardboard, at Wake Downtown, on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Brayan Martinez (’21) sits in the chair he designed.

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